Cyber Host Pro Announces Its Better and Bigger UK Dedicated Servers

Cyber Host Pro, a leader in the United Kingdom’s technology industry, announces its bigger and better UK dedicated servers.

Online PR News – 14-September-2015 – Exchange Flags, Liverpool – Cyber Host Pro, a leader in the United Kingdom’s technology industry, announces its bigger and better UK dedicated servers. The tech company offers brand-new Dell dedicated servers designed to provide maximum performance, security and reliability on a 24/7 basis. The servers have the most sophisticated Intel Quad Core Processors with plenty of RAM and bandwidth as well as compatible with both Linux and Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Cyber Host Pro prides itself on its ability to successfully set up the dedicated server within 12 hours upon order approval. The 12-hour window for installation is a must for all clients especially where cost-efficiency, results-effectiveness and user-responsiveness are concerned.

The Liverpool-based tech company offers four packages for clients to choose from. First, the Quad Core 1 has a Quad Core Processor with 16GB RAM. Second, the Quad Core 1+ with a Quad Core Processor with 32GB RAM.

Third, the Quad Core 2 with its powerful 2 x Quad Core Processor with 32GB RAM. Fourth, the top-of-the-line Quad Core 3 with the fastest 2 x Quad core Processor with 32GB RAM.

Prices vary among packages. Interested individuals are encouraged to inquire about the package prices and upgrade charges.

Clients choose from among these server packages depending on their technology, budget and business requirements. Factors to be considered include operating system, performance, bandwidth, management, monthly price, set-up fees, licensing charges, and scalability. The company’s tech experts provide potential and present clients with reliable information about the best package for their needs and wants in a dedicated server.

Cyber Host Pro also provides add-ons for additional fees. Clients are well-advised to consider these add-ons because of more useful features and functions are added to the dedicated server.

Add-ons include Windows license; Plesk licenses; CPanel licenses; WHM/CPanel; and Cloud Linux licenses. Cloud Linux turns on the CPanel or Plesk hosting services.

Past and present clients find that the bigger and better dedicated servers are essential for their improved operations due to the enhanced performance. Cyber Host Pro provides its clients with instant reboot opportunities; excellent for-free general server support and fully-managed servers; uplinks to its super-fast network; and easy website set-up. Its server power is also known in the tech industry for being energy-efficient, thus, ensuring that clients maintain low carbon footprints - truly, a must in the face of the challenges of climate change especially where it affects the technology industry. For more info visit