Unveils New Book

Offers users a way to become China CCC Certification experts in a short time

Online PR News – 12-September-2015 – Beijing, China – has unveiled a new book that offers professionals all the means and insight to become an expert in China CCC Certification and save huge amounts of money for their companies. has become the go to information database for users all over the world who want to know more about China CCC certificate. While one usually understands that this certificate is vital in exporting goods to China, the difficulty in acquiring it is tremendous. In fact there are many companies that have suffered because of this major stumbling block along the way.

Moreover one also realizes that getting this certificate can be an expensive exercise. That’s why one needs the help of experts when it comes to getting this certificate, which is absolutely essential for western companies as well. Mr. Joachim Goerbert, the founder of this information database has worked with two leading CCC consulting companies in Germany and Internationally. His experience can give companies the cutting edge advantage.

The good news is that Mr. Goerbert besides creating has offered an insight into the process through his recently launched book. It has huge significance for all professionals, business owners etc who want to become experts in China CCC Certification. It is first of its kind, step by step DIY guide on the subject that professionals can use to their advantage.

Some of the important aspects of this certification that the book throws light on includes CCC checking, application document preparation, marking, audit, type testing, and yearly follow up. The reason it can be a comprehensive guide on the subject is because it also deals with CCC changes and extensions, clearance certificates and exemptions. The book is revised by well known CCC experts of the German Association of Economic Cooperation.

The book claims to be a completely objective guide about China CCC certification. Readers can use this information for successful self certification for CCC China mark. Importantly by buying the reasonably priced, tell all book, users can save themselves huge amounts spent in getting this certification. What’s more, they can become experts in the field themselves within on time.


It is a sub brand of BrainHive North, a renowned think tank for ethical business and market consulting. It is an independent database for users who want to know all about China CCC Certificate.

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