TC Dreamer Giveaway Lavish Dream Cars – Simple yet Tricky

TC Dreamer is a campaign that helps people in living their dream cars

Online PR News – 12-September-2015 – moscow – campaign is about helping people make their dreams come true that they cannot otherwise afford. There is very little money at stake, so every participant can expect to hit a jackpot if he or she wins. TC Dreamer will present the winner of the game with the dream car that the player would have originally told the campaigners about. The game is very simple and a very straight forward process is to be followed in order to win this game.
When the player of this game enters the campaign, he or she has to choose from a variety of cars presented to them. Each car has a different price of ticket for participation. The cars that are placed in this giveaway are no joke. They are amongst the most desirable cars in the categories TC Dreamer offers participants of the Spot the Ball competition to win the car of their dreams. The of sports and SUVs. The giveaway cars included in the campaign can be chosen by the player and for the type of car that he chooses, he has to pay the respective price for its participation ticket.
There will be multiple competitions and the winner of each competition will be rewarded with a car that had long dreamt of having. Upon having entered the game, the players will be shown picture of football players struggling to get the authority over the ball. But the thing is that the ball has been made invisible in the pictures and the players of the game are to guess where the ball is at originally in the picture. Of course for pictures that one cannot easily find on search engines, it is not an easy task but then again the stakes are very low and the prize is very lavish.
Upon having made the guess based on hunch or better judgment, the player creates a free account in the website where he places his answer. After that the final stage of judging comes in which judges would decide whether or not a player guessed right. As a result of the gaming event if it turns out that the player has guessed it right then a winning call be made to his phone number giving him or her good news.