"With the release of Katana Scoring and Cake Sculptor, we have broken the mold of conventional scoring and cake decoration solutions."

Online PR News – 12-September-2015 – September 11, 2015 Concord, Ontario Canada – For over 25 years ABI LTD has been a global leader in the manufacturing of bakery automation systems. At the upcoming iba 2015™ trade fair taking place in Munich, Germany from September 12 – 17, 2015, ABI LTD will introduce two exciting new innovations in Bakery automation technology. Live demonstrations will be conducted throughout the duration of the show, allowing bakers to witness first-hand, the power and performance of these new innovations.

“With the launch of our newest systems, Katana Scoring and Cake Sculptor, we have broken the mold of conventional scoring and cake decoration solutions.” says Mike Kuperman, ABI LTD founder and VP of Production. “These systems are a further example of the creativity and ingenuity of our design and engineering teams. Both solutions are ahead of their time in regard to the underlying technologies that drive the systems, as well as in their overall performance capabilities.”

Katana Scoring – Robotic Scoring System

Katana Scoring is the newest member of the Katana line of robotic-enhanced cutting technologies. The system combines an ABB robotic arm, a variety of ultrasonic and conventional scoring blades, cutting-edge product mapping technology, a quick-change tool changing option and a user-friendly design and control interface. The joining of these elements has allowed ABI LTD to once again take conventional automation to the next level.

The system has been designed around a conveyor belt that moves product through the cell. Capable of achieving robot movement speeds of up to 3000 mm/sec, the in-line design allows Katana to easily integrate into existing production lines and ensure that the system is capable of meeting the production rates of high-output environments.

The use of food grade stainless steel construction and the adherence to ABI’s strict quality standards of fabrication, ensures that Katana Scoring offers the reliability and durability that ABI LTD has become renowned for around the world.

Cake Sculptor – Robotic Cake Decorating System

Cake Sculptor is a first-of-its-kind robotic integrated cake decorating system that combines cutting-edge icing-deposit tools, ABB robotics and a powerful, easy-to-use, touch-screen interface. Now anyone can create breathtaking designs, comparable to the work of the world’s best cake decorating professionals, no programming skills required.

The system currently offers up to 5 different color/tip combinations, an available "quick change" tool changer, and an available icing pre-feeder, to allow for continuous operation. The conveyor is built utilizing stainless steel wire mesh, which was specially selected for its durability and easy cleaning.

The simple interface allows a user to import outside designs in multiple formats, hand draw designs directly onto the touch-screen or pull from the extensive built-in library of preset designs. The available intelligent product detection package is designed to detect the exact position and size of incoming products, to ensure optimal execution.


ABI LTD is a global leader in the manufacturing of baking equipment. The company has satisfied customers on five continents, and its equipment has produced over 50,000,000 tons of baked goods. ABI’s customers range from medium-sized bakeries all the way up to the world’s largest industrial baking centers. The company holds several patents for its innovative engineering designs, and continues to be the integrator of choice for the automation of every stage of the baking process, from ingredient handling through to packaging.