Stop Thief Security Introduces Their Stainless Steel Security Doors to Keep You Safe

Stop Thief Security latest innovation of stainless steel security will prove to act as the ultimate protection against thieves.

Online PR News – 11-September-2015 – Australia – Stop Thief Security has been helping homeowners feel safe and secure in their homes for several years now. The company spends meticulous and painstaking hours to create the next security door. This time around, the company has introduced a new door into their collection, the stainless steel door made with INVISI-GARD Mesh.
What Type of Service Can Customers Expect from Them?
When customers will contact the company, they will receive a free a visit from one of their trained consultants. Their consultants will provide them with a quote and measure the area the customer wants to place their new door. Customers can even ask for advice regarding how aluminium security doors can strengthen the security of their home and what other measures they can undertake to ward of intruders.
What Types of Doors to They Provide?
Stop Security Thief provides customers with a variety of different options. Customers can ask to inquire about the following products:
Single or Triple-lock security doors
Hinged or Sliding doors
Door Jamb Adaptors
Heavier duty tracks
Door closers
Pet Doors
The company produces doors, grilles, and window screens at an on-site location, which meet all the standards established by AS5039.
High Quality Security Doors & Windows
The company’s spokesperson was glad to comment on the company’s success rate of producing high quality security doors for use at homes and offices. “When it comes to securing your house or office, we are there to help you out. We will make sure that your family stays safe and comfortable in their home. When we get to work on the doors, we test each one of them thoroughly to make sure an intruder will not breach your boundary and enter into your safe zone. With us, our customers can always feel safe.”
About the Company
Stop Thief Security makes it their mission not to let people gain entry into their customers’ homes by producing security products that will keep intruders at bay. They take pride in their work, developing security products that are likely to prove effective and withstand the test of time.
Contact Information
Phone: 07 5597 3773
Fax: 07 5597 3727