Novacorr Healthcare Has Now Started Offering Hilo Bed To Ensure Greater Comfort And Well Being

The company is focusing on enhancing further care and comfort of their clients by coming up with relevant products

Online PR News – 11-September-2015 – queensland – Novacorr Healthcare if offering their clients special hi-lo beds to enhance their comfort while they sleep. These beds can be lowered or raised by simply pressing a button on a hand control that is wireless.
The Benefits Of A Hi-Lo Bed
Here are some of the benefits that such beds offer to clients:
They make everyday tasks such as taking medication, eating, and bathing easier for a patient’s family members or carers.
The bed can easily help to transfer a patient to a wheelchair by positioning it at a height that is ideal.remaining
They come with a 10 year warranty.
The bed suits the needs of all kinds of people, no matter their weight, size, or height.
Such adjustable beds are considered quite luxurious and can make watching TV and reading quite comfortable.
The bed caters to the conditions such as breathing difficulties, arthritis, GORD, knee or hip problems, or back pain quite effectively since it can be raised from a flat 180 degree angle to 90 degrees.
Customer Support Is Key To Success
A spokesperson from the company stated that, “We are quite pleased with our beds and related services as we know that there are so many people out there who require such products for personal use. So far, we have received an immensely great response and we hope to deliver spectacular products and services in the future as well. We cannot thank our customers enough for so much appreciation and support throughout.”
The company definitely seems to be moving in a positive direction with their business. And while they have not mentioned any expansion plans currently, they might just expand to other parts of Australia if they continue to do business at this pace.”
About the Company
Novacorr Healthcare is a family operated business specialising in providing customised, medically opinionated solutions for furniture including health beds and chairs. Novacorr focuses on providing ergonomically designed accessories to enhance overall health and wellbeing. Their products are known to help with common problems like back pain, insomnia, joint problems and others.
Contact Information
Phone: 1300-847-897
Address: 2/16 Casey Street Aitkenvale, QLD 4814