Chad Lieberman New York City Inventor Explains How The Oceans Will Quench the World’s Thirst

Discoverer Chad Ian-Lieberman Explores the Future of Solar Energy making Drinking Water.

Online PR News – 12-September-2015 – New York, New York City – Mr. chad lieberman expounded on the prospects of the oceans quenching the world’s thirst. This is a matter of great interest because the world gets thirstier each passing year because of the growing human population and the dwindling of existing fresh water supplies. Estimates put the amount of potable water that goes into agriculture at over 70%, further reducing available fresh water supplies. There is also a problem of redistribution. Rain water is not distributed equally on land, which means water demand is not the same everywhere.

According to chad lieber, “Desalination is the solution, but the high energy requirements have been the hindrance since it makes the water expensive.” Desalination is the removal of salt from ocean water through evaporation and the condensation of the steam.
chad ian lieberman stated that the solution is to use solar power to desalinate ocean water. The use of renewable energy reduces energy costs. Solar panels, however, come with high installation costs.

The solution is to use the technology normally used to cool computer chips water-filled micro-channels to cool the cells and to use the residual hot water for desalination.

The major challenge with this desalination method is that temperatures of solar panels can reach 120°C, leading to inefficiency. Chad Ian-lieberman states that, “The solution is to use the technology normally used to cool computer chips, water-filled micro-channels, to cool the cells and to use the residual hot water for desalination.” This solves the problem of desalination and electricity.

Chad advocates a process that uses a flat mirror solar collector. The use of flat mirrors (in the place of parabolic ones) as panels to follow the sun’s movement from east to west allows for the concentration of rays from a much larger area. The concentrated rays focus on a fixed horizontal tube that is on top of the panels. This water is under pressure. Once the water is heated, it produces steam and this steam drives a conventional steam turbine.

Scientists are also studying the prospect of getting water from undersea water reserves. There are water deposits that were formed hundreds of thousands of years ago when we had lower sea level and areas that are now under the ocean had rainfall. When the polar icecaps melted about 20,000 years ago, the coastlines disappeared and the aquifers remain protected by layers of sediment and clay.
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