Numedeon Inc. has formed Virtual Worlds IP Inc. (VWIP), to merge the best of virtual world learning technologies to form innovative learning products.

Online PR News – 11-September-2015 – Pasadena, Calif. – PASADENA, CALIF. (September 9, 2015) – Numedeon Inc., creator of the revolutionary learning web site, has formed a subsidiary company, Virtual Worlds IP Inc. (or VWIP), to merge the best of virtual world learning technologies with real life learning strategies, to form innovative 21st century learning products.

Representing a new type of Iinternet business incubator, VWIP’s learning products leverage Numedeon’s virtual world learning platform, developed over many years using to launch new joint venture partnerships with both profit and non-profit organizations. In this way, VWIP is organized to extend Numedeon’s accumulated virtual world intellectual property into groundbreaking web-based learning tools for the digital learning market.

“VWIP is extending Whyville and Numedeon’s position as digital learning pioneers into the real world marketplace,” said Jim Bower, Ph.D., Chair and CEO of Numedeon and founder of VWIP. “Through VWIP we will build new digital learning products in collaboration with Numedeon’s real-world educational partners.”

VWIP’s Approach
Using Numedeon’s established partnerships with more than 100 for-profit and non-profit organizations as a foundation,’s millions of registered users, and the thousands of registered teachers and educational professionals, provides VWIP a substantial advantage in the digital education market. By merging the real world intellectual property and experience of its education partners with Numedeon’s more than 16 years of innovation in digital learning technologies, VWIP is designed to build digital learning products that combine the best in real world learning techniques with the best in digital learning technology.

With its patented and fully developed technology – the Numedeon Interactive Community Engine (NICETM), a software platform that supports game-based social learning environments, VWIP is positioned to fast-track newly emergent technology to market. Fusing Numedeon’s intellectual property with that of its partners, VWIP will create brand new IP that is jointly owned, positioned for market, and ready to monetize. Using an agency model, VWIP offers each joint venture initial funding and a sliding range of operational, business development, and marketing services. Adapting the NICE digital learning platform, VWIP is also in a position to further broaden its reach to other business uses and partnerships, including customer service, business collaboration, and training.

First Ventures Announced

As evidence of the viability of its incubator business model, VWIP today announces:

• The launch of Fundamental Learning LLC, a joint venture with Education Development Center (, focused on bringing to market a completely new curriculum that changes how children in grades K-5 engage with mathematics both in and out of school. Built on the results of a successful three-year National Science Foundation-funded Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) project, this curriculum will connect a series of interactive and collaborative mathematical games and puzzles within a new social digital learning “ecosystem.” Anticipating an initial product launch within six months, this product will be fully extendable to other curriculum areas.

• Reflecting the emerging importance and concern for children’s online privacy and data security, VWIP also announces a major new technology partnership with PRIVO, the world’s leading child identity and consent service provider. Built on initial funding provided by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the partnership seeks to fully integrate PRIVO's online safety and data privacy platform into VWIP’s social digital learning ecosystem, producing the first game-based learning platform that fully meet the highest standards for online security and data privacy. This partnership will also develop a series of games and activities to help children, educational professionals and adults understand the complexities and importance of this capability.

ABOUT Numedeon
Pasadena, Calif.-based Numedeon Inc. was founded by researchers and technologists at the California Institute of Technology to explore and invent new approaches to digital learning through the use of simulation games and social interaction internet technology.

In 1999, Numedeon launched, the Internet's first social learning environment for children. has spent more than 16 years engaging children in games and activities that are open-ended, collaborative and promote "learning by doing." With almost 8 million registered users worldwide, has remained one of the most effective and broad based digital spaces for children. With games and activities ranging from math to art, marine biology to climate change, green energy to games that promote social emotional wellbeing, Whyville’s richness fosters creativity, initiative, critical thinking and entrepreneurial spirit all within a safe, nurturing environment.

Founded in 1958 and headquartered in Waltham, Mass., Education Development Center, Inc. (EDC) develops, delivers, and evaluates programs that address some of today’s most urgent challenges in education. In all 50 states, the District of Columbia, U.S. territories, and 35 countries, the nonprofit has earned respect and trust for its integrity, knowledge, and commitment; high-quality and innovative work; sound fiscal, administrative, and performance management systems; and effective collaboration with partners, sponsors, and constituents.

EDC is a leader in pre-K-12 mathematics education advancement and systemic reform, specializing in curriculum development and support, professional development, research, and technical assistance. Staff promote high-quality mathematics education for all through research-based improvements in teaching and learning. EDC initiatives, such as the Mathematical Practice Institute, seek to closes opportunity gaps, advance CCSSM alignment efforts, and foster an understanding of Mathematical Habits of Mind—essential ways of thinking and acting mathematically. Working in partnership with students, teachers, teacher leaders, administrators, and university faculty, staff specialize in designing and studying new strategies and resources to effectively engage and encourage students and support teachers.

Founded in 2001, PRIVO is the most trusted FTC-approved COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act) Safe Harbor providing identity and consent management services to family-oriented online services. PRIVO’s expertise is in helping websites, apps, and other online services effortlessly comply with child online privacy laws when interacting with children.

A recent recipient of a prestigious NSTIC grant award, a White House trusted identity initiative, PRIVO is relied upon by the most recognized child-facing businesses in the world as well as upwards of millions of parents whose children learn and play online. PRIVO has extensive experience navigating the opportunities and challenges of COPPA implementation and compliance for clients of all sizes.

PRIVO’s mission is to offer state of the art online privacy solutions and consent management tools that allow businesses to easily comply with federal regulations while making parents' lives easier in managing their children’s online identities.
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