Video Conferencing Software Development Services Announced by VoIP Development Company

FreeSWITCH Solution provider division of Ecosmob has announced the video conferencing software development services based on the client specifications.

Online PR News – 11-September-2015 – Olympia, Washington – The FreeSWITCH solution provider division of Ecosmob Technologies has announced the video conferencing solution development services. A per the spokesperson of the company, the company has decided to cater the custom need of the clients and prospects in this arena. The software will be built based on the specifications given by the clients. The source code and APIs will also be given to the clients at the end of the project. The company has announced the complete white label video conferencing software development services.

In a recent VoIP related event, the spokesperson of the company had shared the details about this service. In the words of the spokesperson, “The video conferencing is a new trend in the global industry. The people are taking business benefits of this solution. In fact, the people prefer the video conference more often as it adds a human touch to the meeting. It gives a feel of one to one meeting even if the meeting entities are located at far distances. This urge of the business meetings and the benefits offered by the video conferencing encouraged us to get into this area. Moreover, the different organizations might need the different features. Thus, we have decided to provide the custom development services instead of a ready made product. This decision is made by keeping an agenda in mind: “Serve the client exactly what he wants”. So we will give the custom video conference solution development to the clients.”

The conferencing solution for video has many benefits. Some of them are listed below:
-Give Competitive Advantage
-Add An Emotional Touch In The Meetings
-Help to gauge the interest of the participants
-Reduce travelling costs
-Bring together the dispersed teams
-Provide a more enhanced way to collaborate
-Improved Productivity
-Improved recruitment process
-Improved work-life balance
-And more

The company has announced to create a complete white-label solution for the client organization. The reason behind this decision was explained by the spokesperson of the company, “Most of our client like to have a white label solution and it completely make sense. When your employees, prospects or clients are having a video meeting with you, you would like your company's name appear instead of any other company. To satisfy that need of our clients, we have decided to deliver a white label video conferencing solution by integrating the client's logo and company details in the software. We are also happy to provide the source code and related APIs to clients. Though all these vary case to case, and more depends on the agreement and other related mutual decisions taken by our firm and the client organization.”

The software can be developed for any industry vertical with the custom features as announced by the organization. To get more details of this service, visit: