GGE Foundation Announces “The GGE Building Fund”

GGE Foundation is a Non Profit Organization committed to empowering children and their parents to eat healthy for prevention and wellness

Online PR News – 12-September-2015 – Charlotte NC – GGE Foundation announces its first fundraiser event “GGE Building Fund”. GGE foundation promotes healthy living for our youth and their parents. GGE has also partnered with a local coffee and tea roaster Sage Marie’s Coffee and Tea and for every five dollars donated to GGE foundation, Sage Marie’s Coffee will send donors a free sample of their boutique coffee and tea.

GGE Foundation is a non-profit organization with a mission of empowering children and their parents to “Live Long and Prosper “by developing healthy eating habits and providing families with the knowledge needed for prevention and wellness. GGE Foundation will implement it’s mission through continuous workshops and programs that bring knowledge of awareness, prevention and wellness. The foundation’s belief is that, through our youth, healthier habits can be instilled and maintained.

All proceeds will benefit the garden, green house and cooking program that GGE Foundation will maintain. The garden will give produce away to communities. The cooking classes hosted by GGE Foundation will teach children and parents sustainable, healthier cooking and eating habits. It is GGE Foundation’s goal to make healthy choices and produce affordable and accessible to communities. It is known that eating healthier is not necessarily affordable. Therefore, GGE Foundation wants to create a platform of events and fundraisers that promote affordable, healthy lifestyles. Therefore, “The GGE Building Fund” is imperative to promote GGE Foundation’s plan and mission .

It is through the collaboration with Sage Marie’s Coffee that GGE Foundation will bring healthy choices to the community. This fundraiser will be accessible via and will run through December 31st. For more upcoming events and news visit us at