Never Work Again: Work Less, Earn More, and Live Your Freedom

Never Work Again aims to help readers understand what freedom means to them, and how they can go about achieving it in their own lives.

Online PR News – 12-September-2015 – New York, New York – Never Work Again is the first full-length book from Erlend Bakke, a business coach, speaker, and the founder and CEO of Mr Outsource, YouSpin, and 3sixtyfactory. Never Work Again distils years of experience and hard work in building outsourced and automated businesses into 350 pages of advice, inspiration, and detailed guidance for both current entrepreneurs and those who are yet to begin. But more than just a book of practical guidance, Never Work Again also aims to help readers understand what freedom means to them, and how they can go about achieving it in their own lives.

Erlend discusses his own experiences in business, including the stress and panic attacks that first showed him the need for change. From these humble beginnings, he rebuilt his existing businesses around two principles – applying himself consistently to the tasks he excelled at, and leveraging other people's time wherever possible. He began to outsource to the Philippines, even starting his own foundation and recruitment agency to help provide the skills and jobs needed on the islands. And he re-evaluated his life, thinking deeply about the meaning of freedom, and realizing that it's not all about money – a lesson he is keen to share in the book.

“My aim with Never Work Again is to help anyone who feels trapped by their current work and lifestyle,” Erlend says. “Some people have a lot of ideas but don't know how to go about turning them into a working business; and others have a business already, but feel trapped by it. In Never Work Again, I'm trying to use my experiences to show people how to get around these problems – how to build businesses that are efficient, well-organized, and which work on other people's time rather than your own. My greatest hope is that it will help others learn from my mistakes, and spur a whole new generation of innovative and exciting entrepreneurs.”

Never Work Again was first released in September 2013 and quickly jumped to the top of the lists of bestselling books on entrepreneurship and outsourcing. A new, updated version with bonus materials and additional interviews with freedom business experts is now available in ebook or paperback form. For more information, and to purchase copies of the book, please go to To contact Erlend directly, please email