Dog Bike Leash with Adjustable Elastic Has Been Launched

The company Home Goodies for YOU has announced the launch of its Dog Bike Leash on Amazon. The product is fully adjustable and can be used with small.

Online PR News – 12-September-2015 – Oregon City – September 4, 2015 – Home Goodies for YOU, an retailer, has launched the Dog Bike Leash. Fully adjustable with stretchable elastic, the product can be used for bicycling with small or large dogs. It allows for safely combining dog walking and daily exercise.

The product does not require any training. It has a carefully engineered design that enables the user to maintain control and stability. People can even use it while training their canine. The design also prevents the dog leash from being entangled in the wheel or frame of a bicycle.

Featuring a non-breakable design and Quick Connect Pin system, the dog running leash works with all dogs on all terrains. It is completely hands free. The expandable leash adjusts between 21.6 and 74.8 inches.

Highly Durable Design

Durability is enhanced by the product’s industrial strength stainless steel materials. A silicone grip is also included, which also adds to the leash’s environmentally sound properties. The product also has a pipe clamp with stainless steel casting which prevents sliding.

The Dog Bike Leash is strong in addition to its already beneficial properties. It has a military grade paracord pull strength. In addition, it is also resistant to fading with exposure to UV light. The bike leash is therefore designed to last for many years of fun and rigorous use.

Melissa Stuber, Spokeswoman for Online offerings, said, “In their busy routine, people are often pressured to fit in exercise while finding quality time with their dogs. Our Dog Bike Lease combines the best of both worlds. Get on the bike and take the pooch along for the ride – it is fun and safe with any sized dog.”

Simple Installation

The product will fit any bicycle with 12 to 26 inch wheels. It mounts at the rear of any bike in just two minutes and in two steps. Installation tools are included in the package. Also, the unit can be detached and used as a regular dog leash. It can be used as easily for walking and jogging as on bike or camping trails.

The Dog Bike Leash is available now for $49.00 each with free shipping on It comes with a 5-year warranty.

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Home Goodies for YOU is a retailer committed to providing high quality products and exceptional customer service. Its brand includes the Dog Bike Leash that enables bicyclists to safely attach it to their bikes and exercise with their pets.