Launch Of New Services Such As Virus Protection And Driver Support

Norton’s is known as being one of the best virus protection programs on the market. Dependable and reliable are synonymous with the brand.

Online PR News – 09-September-2015 – Brisbane, QLD – That is why Norton Support Australia is happy to announce that they are releasing a new line of services to help support Norton users. This third party service provider is also proud to announce that they are now offering extended warranty support for a wide variety of devices.

Extended Warranties, Virus Protection, and Much More Coming Soon

Extended warranties on all devices such as laptops, desktops, and even tablets are now available for purchase at a price that is affordable. It is completely toll free to get in contact with the customer support team. The premium services are available for a small fee. Norton does not fully support their customers in the way that these services do. There are a lot of benefits to be gained by signing up for this brand new service.

Proper Installation and Driver Updates Support

Proper installation and removal of all programs are just one of the things that can be expected from this service. Systems are always kept up to date with the use of the latest and greatest antivirus protection. System and update errors are problems of the past since the launch of these user friendly services. Technical support is just a phone call away. A trained certified professional will happily answer any questions and resolve any issue as quickly as possible. The trained professionals at this amazing company are now ready to help out.

The Best Firewall Support Available

Norton Support Australia is now offering the best firewall support to date. Engineers and experts are contributing in order to keep users safe from online attacks. Online crime is growing at a rapid rate that is alarming. Crimes like identity theft or identity deception is often committed by random online hackers who find their way into systems with weak firewall protection. Without strong firewall protection, the system can be vulnerable to viruses and online hackers. Firewall support is a must have in order to keep a system’s firewall standing strong against attacks. Firewall support staff members can explain all technical issues in easy to understand step by step instructions. Team members are patient and always happy to help protect customers against firewall attacks.

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