Author Partners with Chris Farrell to Teach Newcomers How To Make Money Online The Right Way

Internet Entrepreneur, writer and Author of Niche Goldmines Exposed Joe Marston, has partnered with one of the Internet’s Leading Instructors – Chris Farrell – to teach newcomers and intermediates who want to make money online, how they can do it the right way.

Online PR News – 21-September-2010 – – According to Chris Farrell, Making Money Online is a skill, but like any other single skill, it can learned if people are prepared to take a bit of time to learn these necessary skills first. One of the most important skills is having the right attitude, which is quickly followed by understanding how to create a simple website.

Their method is a simple step-by-step process from market research (choosing a lucrative Niche Market to dominate online) through to building your first website and making money from it. This method is unique in that it incorporates lots of instructional videos to demonstrate how to do just about anything online.

This includes very basic things like registering a domain name, signing up for hosting and more complex things like getting tonnes of free traffic to your website and getting the traffic to take action (conversion).

There is a lot of information on the Internet about how to make money online. A quick Google search on the phrase “make money online” returns 379,000,000 results. This is not surprising as there are more than a million global searches for "make money online" and related terms each month. The trouble is that amongst this clutter of information, it is very difficult to find reliable actionable information which can be useful to both beginners and intermediate online marketers.

The partnership between Joe & Chris is going to fill this gap by offering people who are just starting out online or who have been online for sometime but are yet to make any significant amount of money, useful and practical information which they can act on immediately to hit the ground running.

Combining their two strengths – picking a profitable Niche Market to position yourself in & building a rock solid money making online business from scratch, they are offering free resources to newcomers and beginners at, showing them how to go about building their online businesses the right way. Unlike other training materials which claim that you can get rich quick, they teach you that making money online is possible; it is a process which takes time, dedication and hard work just like any other business.

Joe Marston encourages people who are serious about making a residual income online to go and take advantage of these free resources at