Rossignol Decolletage SA Ensures High Quality with a Customized Weighing Solutions

A key supplier to the automotive industry, Rossignol Decolletage SA takes quality control seriously, as many of its products are important for vehicle safety.

Online PR News – 21-September-2010 – – Rossignol Decolletage SA is located in Scionzier in the Savoy region of France, a region renowned as a base for the automotive supply industry and home to several hundred small enterprises engaged in the manufacture of high precision metal, plastic and electromechanical parts. The company specializes in bar turning, bending, forging, cutting out, and resistance welding, and also assembles parts - a process that involves a combination of manufacturing techniques.

To ensure the quality of parts the company provides to automobile manufacturers, Rossignol Decolletage SA recently replaced its entire weighing installation with an IND690 weighing indicator from METTLER TOLEDO to produce its Odette labels. All operations for order filling in the shipping department are now managed with the help of the IND690. The technology serves as a man-machine interface for piece counting and data handling with the company’s inventory system, and is also used for weighing, counting, scanning, printing and data handling.

Historically, the labels were generated by a dedicated computer, yet this computer became increasingly difficult to maintain and replace quickly in the event of a sudden breakdown. The new IND690 weighing terminal essentially took over the computer’s role of generating all types of Odette labels but all settings are stored in the IND690 and not in the printers or on a dedicated computer, minimizing risk. Rossignol Decolletage SA uses two printers for the two different paper formats, with the label printed straight after the parts are counted. This procedure eliminates the need to constantly switch paper types and reduces the risk of operators accidentally picking up the wrong preprinted label.

The IND690 is linked via Ethernet to the company’s IT system for production control and production planning. There is traceability of all transactions for quality control. There is just one counting installation, with capacity of 60 kg for parts weighing less than 1g. An ergonomic active Big Weight display on the IND690 ensures excellent readability of the counting results and operator instructions.

Rossignol Decolletage SA has always chosen METTLER TOLEDO as its preferred supplier for weighing technology, and benefits from having just one supplier for all customized solutions. Rossignol Decolletage SA has also chosen a service contract from METTLER TOLEDO for recalibration of all scales to comply with ISO/TS 16949.