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Form2go.com is one of the best ways of creating online forms for one’s website. Users will be able to create free online forms in just 3 simple steps.

Online PR News – 21-September-2010 – – Maharashtra, Mumbai- Form2go.com offers one of the most needed services of the hour. Website owners will be able to create free online forms for their websites using the free HTML form builder available at Form2go.com. Many a times, creating effective web forms and contact forms become one of the most challenging tasks for website owners. However without having effective online forms, it is not possible for the website users to get in touch with the business owner online. Creating web forms is not just about designing the form page but it should be fully functional. This requires programming knowledge and not everyone possesses adequate programming skills to activate the web forms and to set up the data base for data collection. Besides that there are also data security issues while setting up web forms.
Website owners can now save themselves from all these hassles by making use of the online free form builder at Form2go.com. Now users can create highly professional HTML forms for their websites in just a few clicks. The entire process will take just few minutes. Form2go.com is a hosted solution and users will be able to have fully functional forms appear in the desired page of their website in a jiffy.
Form2go.com allows unlimited form submissions and all the data can be accessed anytime. Users will not have to worry about data security as all the data is stored in secure servers. The data is also regularly backed up for additional safety. Moreover Form2go.com uses SSL protection. So users will never have to worry about any data security issues.
Though Form2go.com offers free online form builder solutions, it comes with a wide range of useful features. Users will be able to add Captcha image verification feature to their forms to protect their websites from spamming. These forms allow users to upload images up to 10mb. Users will be able to create highly professional forms without having to have any HTML or programming knowledge. Highly professional forms can be created in just three steps. Webmasters will receive immediate notifications whenever a form is submitted. So webmasters can respond to their customers immediately without any delay. All the customer information can be exported in .CSV format. Form2go.com also collects loads of other useful customer information including the IP of the visitor, date, time and location of the visitor etc. All these information can be used to make sound marketing decisions.
Webmasters will be able to use these forms in as many websites as they like to without any restrictions. Whenever a form is submitted the information can be sent to as many recipients as required. There cannot be any easier way of creating HTML forms. It is not only easy to create web forms using this free tool but it is also one of the most reliable way of creating and managing online forms. Creating HTML forms need not be a nightmare anymore. Users will be able to create the best looking forms and customize their auto responders easily. For more information, please visit http://www.form2go.com/.