Eye Cream Achieves Over 150 Reviews

Naturally Mediterranean offers a range of natural skin care products through Amazon and one of those that it advertises is Anti-Aging Eye Cream.

Online PR News – 09-September-2015 – Alicante, Spain – Naturally Mediterranean is very pleased to report the cream is being very well received by Amazon customers. The sales and reviews of that natural and organic Anti-Aging Eye Cream have continued to rise and this is shown by the company seeing its reviews reaching 150. Members of the company's customer service team can be found checking reviews of its products on a daily basis in order to keep them abreast of when their milestones are about to be reached. The company’s combined reviews for Europe and America have now climbed to 150.

Only recently, Naturally Mediterranean has taken into account what customers were saying about the packaging of its products being a bit difficult to open so they quickly had their research and development team modify this for customers, with the result being that these comments have now stopped. The company has also recently modified its containers to make them easier to dispense the cream. The company believes by offering customers what they want, wherever possible, they will increase the reviews and the review ratings to enable them to climb up the ranks to reach a full Five Star Award in the future.

Company spokesperson for the company, Jennifer Marina said: "Like all companies, we look at our sales and review figures on a regular basis. Customer Service Staff obviously inform us of the star ratings and comments that are being made in case we need to change any products or our business plans or strategy. This is an exciting time for such a small company. There is a great deal of competition for these types of creams, especially from the big players in the market and so we know it would be a very tall order to have our sales reach anywhere near the big sellers. For now though, we are celebrating how well we are doing."

Naturally Mediterranean offers a money back guarantee for all of its range of products, which are sold on the company’s website as well as well as on Amazon in Europe and the United States.

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