NetDragon Releases Initial UI Design Drafts of Mobile FPS Dead Union

Hoping to achieve high player satisfaction, the designers of Dead Union make their great efforts to create a more appealing game interface.

Online PR News – 08-September-2015 – Hong Kong – Great designs take time and efforts. Game developers usually spend months just for polishing the main interface.

NetDragon has just released 5 initial UI drafts of their mobile FPS game - Dead Union. The initial versions stand for most games in the primary stage. The main interface includes a 3D Asian solider standing in the middle and basic functions around him.
In the first version, the styles of the icons and buttons are different as they can be seen.

In the second version, the interface is much simplified and looks tidy. As a result, too much space is left.

The greatest change in third version is that it adopts the flat design with a translucent effect. However, the solider remains unchanged and more work needs to be done.

The fourth version undoubtedly brings some surprises! The unified light blue color presents a dynamic visual effect. Besides, a tough-look man, a better balanced function placement and a PVP mode together make it a cool FPS game and worthy playing!

The latest version looks more like a modern game with the minimalist design adopted. Border effect is removed and the theme color turns dark. The main interface presents an open, authentic, energetic and reflective effect. Marvelous!
Every step the developers of Dead Union have taken requires the full consideration of their potential users’ experience. Their efforts can be seen from the design procedures.
Now Dead Union seems ready, doesn’t it?

Dead Union is a blend of FPS and base defense strategy mechanics. It features a variety of zombies and weapons. More importantly, it’s totally free to play.

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