Ecommerce Techwave Offers Create Online Store with the Advantage of EBay Integration

Ecommerce Techwave drives more traffic with eBay integration for online stores with unique characteristics to explore with the benefit of ‘Create Online Store’ software.

Online PR News – 21-September-2010 – – Pomona, California- The 'Create Online Store' at gets eBay buyer protection offered with the unique product display and profitable auction of products for higher returns. eBay integration is possible after the store becomes functional by means of the ‘Create Online Store’ software, now available with the user friendly Shopping Cart Software. The site offers it for the paid storeowners who have utilized ecommerce ‘Create Online Store’ feature to create e-stores. “What you get is a super specialty eBay store created by Pierre Omidyar in 1995 through the 'Create Online Store' with shopping cart software where all businesses, both small and big inter-mingle together. The Create Online Store and the shopping cart software integrates with eBay for unique product display with more to explore in the exclusive categories for Antiques, industrial products, lifestyle products, Music, sporting goods, collectibles and more. Ecommerce.techwave therefore achieves the feather in its cap and guarantees a profit oriented store through 'Create Online Store' software letting e-businesses spread across a worldwide arena to reach and touch new heights.” As said by Andy Anand, Vice President, On any given day, the Create Online Store makes the user feel different and enable the store master, to build up the store with eBay integration that reaches global audience with all types of products available in a single storefront hence saving on the investment made and the time utilized. The admin section is accessible after the paid membership registration process for the Create Online Store is completed and clients create their e-store through the 'Create Online Store' software. The 'Create Online Store' Software can be now be used free of cost under 15 days trial period without eBay integration or by paying a nominal amount for the service provided with eBay integration. After using the ‘Create Online Store’ feature of, Storeowners can look into the unique eBay characteristics and high bidding of the products on display and put them into use. More detailed analysis at . Access the ‘Create Online Store’ feature at Company Profile:- Techwave Ecommerce provides with ecommerce solutions and the 'Create Online Store' service with its multi-functional shopping cart software. Ever since its genesis in the year 2008, the company has been successful in gaining online acclaim by offering fully functional storefronts for the clients to utilize the other underlying features of the e-store created like SEO, Google, product upload and the latest eBay integration.