An Engaging Product Launch Event at the Capital

The Prologix Group is set to organize a product launch event in collaboration with Tramigo Systems

Online PR News – 08-September-2015 – Dubai – Dubai, United Arab Emirates 24 August 2015:Prologix, the well-known system integrator of the region comes up with yet another engaging event for the product launch of Tramigo systems. The event will be held at the Royal Rose Hotel, Abu Dhabi on the 9th of September, 2015. The event will be one of its kind as the Special Executive team from the Tramigo Group will be coming down exclusively for the event.
Tramigo is a multinational company headquartered in Finland. They are pioneers in providing state-of-art fleet management solutions. Their focus is on changing the tracking industry all while creating the first global consumer brand in the vehicle tracking sector. Always coming up with innovative series of products right from the T20 to T23, Tramigo never ceases to amaze.T23 being the latest among these,the solutions offered include professional fleet security and monitoring, vehicle security & tracking, asset tracking and personal tracking.Tramigo solutions generally help in monitoring vehicles, keeping a tab on driving habits, reducing fuel consumption, and also in preventing vehicle thefts.
At the event, a range of the Tramigo products will be showcased including the latest T23 series having fleet, track and magnum products with an array of free software to choose from.The T23- Fleet is used professionally for advanced fleet management where there is a requirement for additional sensors and accessories. T23 Fleet is robust to install to any car, truck or other vehicle and can be fully hidden. It provides the perfect solutions for monitoring trucks, heavy machinery, cars and vans. Ideal for service providers and fleet management companies.
The T-23 Track is used for vehicle security. T23 Track is easy to install to any car or vehicle and can be fully hidden too. One just needs to insert the SIM and connect T23 Track to vehicle power and its ready to track the vehicleswiththe automatic reporting turned on.
The T23- Magnum is suitable for special tracking such as that of containers, high value cargos, goods in transit and equipment where power is not available. Useful in tracking construction equipment, generators, containers and vehicles by monitoring locations, setting geo-fencing and providing notifications for arrival of goods.
Tramigo combines online tracking via GPRS with the superior reliability of SMS that gives one, truly real time tracking that’s critical in emergency situations or remote areas. The devices allow locations to be understood as a simple SMS with no maps or installation required.
There is provision of secure servers too, in case of large fleet operations. This is perfect for security concerned customers, tracking with no data transmitted over the internet. The M1 move is perfect for mobile fleet managementwithout setting up a PC and excellent for emergency access to large fleet.

With its amazing range of solutions to portray, this Tramigo event is set to be captivating. Block your calendars and be sure to witness this productive evening personally.Amass all the knowledge of fleet management that you could gain from experts themselves.

About Prologix:
Prologix Distribution is a well-known VAD for world’s leading technology products with numerous top brands among their Clientele. It is the distribution arm of Prologix LLC, an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company. The company is in operation since 1998; headquartered in Dubai with offices and warehouses located in various regions of UAE, Qatar, Kenya, Nigeria, India and Sri Lanka.

The company specializes in value added distribution of products and solutions for wireless, RF & microwave, test & measurement, security & surveillance, telecom, mobility, vehicle tracking etc. The company is committed to deliver service with unmatched quality and value to its broad network of channel partners across verticals like Telecom, Real Estate, BFSI, Government, Oil & Gas, Education and Hospitality among others.