Conscious Business Is Your Business Aligned for the New Paradigm?

Intention Products, distributor of the BrandU® Business Profit System, offers the Conscious Business Startup Kit for free to business owners and entrepreneurs.

Online PR News – 21-September-2010 – – [Las Vegas, Nev.] Business owners and entrepreneurs can receive a free Conscious Business Development Kit to help them understand and put into practice this holistic approach to doing business that is making global headlines.

“The Conscious Business Startup Kit is three products to set you on the path to developing a conscious business,” says W. Vito Montone, conscious business expert and CEO of Intention Products LLC.

Interested businesses can sign up to receive the materials by visiting The free kit includes the following digital curriculum materials developed by BrandU®:

 There's A Brand Inside You – (60-minute digital MP3)
 What's Going On in Business Today Interview with BrandU® co-creators Kim Castle and W. Vito Montone — (60-minute digital MP3)
 Big Business Success E-book (Full color digital book edition).

Small business owners and entrepreneurs can also participate in a survey to help determine how Intention Products will distribute $50 million in BrandU® products and services. Survey participants will have the opportunity to be among 10,000 small businesses chosen in September to receive their part of the $50 Million Micro-Business Subsidy.

Participants can give input on the qualification process and how the subsidies will be awarded. Montone envisions targeting the business incubation efforts to 10 cities considered most needy by survey participants.

More than 5 million American businesses earn less than $5 million annually in gross revenues. These businesses account for more than 40 percent of the Gross National Product, yet they have not been helped by the federal government’s stimulus and financial reform efforts, Montone says.

Meanwhile, start-ups and entrepreneurs have been hit by loan scammers using more than 75 different names nationwide, the Better Business Bureau says (

How are today’s businesses to secure the resources they need to survive and thrive when they are ignored by government and targeted by unscrupulous loan sharks? Montone plans to help them by training them in his specialty, Conscious Business Development. Conscious business is defined by Wikipedia as “expanding the traditional business framework to take into account ecological and social performance in addition to financial performance.”

“It really is all about people, profit and the planet,” Montone says. “It’s about a real connection between business and the entrepreneur, and business and the world.”

In the June 3 Issue of Forbes India, Anand Mahindra, head of a $6.3 billion conglomerate in automotive products, information technology and infrastructure, predicts this new way of business is destined to become part of the “genome sequence” for 21st century companies.

“Collaboration with our wider communities is not just one more way to build a brand or gain subsidies, or curry favor with customers; it is the ONLY way to do business,” Mahindra says (

Goldman Sachs showed that this idea is taking hold in the US earlier this month when it announced it is offering $500 million in support to 10,000 businesses That announcement came days after Montone announced his plan to provide educational subsidies to 10,000 businesses.

The Conscious Capitalism Institute (CCI) notes that businesses that adopt this model outperform the S&P 500 long term. Montone was among business leaders who attended the May 24 & 25 at the 2nd Annual International Research Conference of Conscious Capitalism (

Montone offers these tips to help business owners tell if they are aligned with the conscious business model:

1. Stakeholders – How decisions are made is critical. When making critical business decisions do you choose the cheapest route or highest short term ROI? Or do you engage with your customers, vendors, employees and investors to make a decision that serves them all the best you can?

2. Impact – A conscious business helps to solve a need/problem for a customer. A positive impact is not limited to charitable contributions or social entrepreneurism. Do you and your stakeholders support causes that are larger than your products or services?

3. Connection – Is there separation in the way you behave in your business versus in your life?

“Being 100 percent aligned with your business and how it behaves is the true measure of a conscious business, walking the talk always in your life, in business and in public,” Montone says.