Non-Contact Thermometer Gets a Reputable 6th Position on Amazon Rankings in the US

TempIR is hoping to be Number One Best Seller on Amazon soon with its Non Contact Thermometer.

Online PR News – 06-September-2015 – Sudborough, United Kingdom – TempIR is getting excited as it gets near to attaining the coveted Best Seller Award for its non-contact thermometer in the United States. The company has been selling the non-contact thermometer for just over a year and sales are increasing steadily as the rankings for the non-contact thermometer keep coming in. The non-contact thermometer takes body, room, liquid and surface temperatures in either Centigrade or Fahrenheit measurements and has a range of other features, such as memory and fever alert functions.

With a variety of other similar thermometers offered on the site there is undoubtedly extreme competition for many other much bigger retailers to outsell the small ones like TempIR. This makes it even more satisfying for TempIR to have this achievement on Amazon.

Company Sales Manager, Aidan Wade said: "We were really excited when we checked our rankings and saw it steadily going up and then we reached number 10. We have been tracking it daily ever since and we have now reached number 6. We will be thrilled if we can get enough sales and reviews of this great product to be able to get the coveted Best Seller Badge in its category. We knew when we developed the thermometer that we were going to be selling a high quality, popular product and this was the right one to add to our range last year."

The company has recently added a blood pressure monitor to its suite of electronic health related products and it hopes this will go up the rankings in the United States as it has already reached Number One Best Seller in the United Kingdom on Amazon.

The non-contact thermometer and the other products sold by TempIR are available on the company’s website and on Amazon online.

You can get TempIR thermometer here: