Westchester Health & Nutrition Coach Offers Healing Advice for a Better Life

Karen Mayo's new book, "Mindful Eating: Thirty Days to a Whole New You," offers advice and tips on how to create a healthy lifestyle without going on a diet.

Online PR News – 04-September-2015 – Elmsford, New York – Forget the fad diets or the Internet’s guarantee to melt away the fat. Most of them are marketing campaigns designed to promise something that never delivers, says Karen Mayo, a health and nutrition coach who recently published her first book, “Mindful Eating: Thirty Days to a Whole New You.”

Rather than advocating for that perfect body, Mayo, a Cortlandt Manor resident, insists that creating a healthy lifestyle free of stress and packed with foods that are devoid of chemicals and harmful additives can bring us one step closer to a body that is less prone to society’s chronic illnesses.

The former bartender, sous chef, model, actress, licensed real estate agent, home mortgage banker, motivational speaker and executive recruiter, Mayo has, through all of her career changes, kept healthy eating a priority.

But it wasn’t until her mother and close relatives died from cancer and other chronic diseases that Mayo began to think seriously about the possible healing properties of certain foods. That belief gained credence when she took care of her nephew for a year while he was in the sixth grade and during the time when Mayo’s sister, a single mother, was in an Army boot camp.

Mayo, who grew up on a Pennsylvania farm, helped her nephew, a consummate fast food junkie, transition to a healthier diet during that time. The result: improved grades, better behavior and less of a reliance on convenience food and his ADHD medication.

“My immediate reaction was joy, but I also realized that this was the opportunity for me to get the word out and tell other people about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle,” she says.

Becoming board-certified as a holistic health practitioner at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition was the next step in Mayo’s journey to becoming an advocate for healthy living, not dieting.

In her book, Mayo lays out the eight health risks and behaviors she believes are most likely to cause chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease, obesity, cancer, asthma and other serious ailments.

They include poor diet, excessive alcohol consumption, sleep deprivation, physical inactivity, poor self-care, poor stress management, smoking and a lack of regular health screenings.

“Mindful Eating” tackles areas of nutrition that most dieters don’t consider, such as the relationship between food and mood, which surprisingly include some of the vegetables and fruits we eat on a regular basis, the benefits of inflammatory-fighting spices, herbs and teas and the importance of a balanced pH, among other factors.

“Mindful eating means eating with awareness,” says Mayo in her book. “So often many of us mindlessly stuff food into our mouths while we are sitting in front of the television or computer, driving or running out of the house.”

“Eating what you love, enjoying it completely and fully experiencing the elements of good food − that’s what it’s all about,” Mayo says.

“Mindful Eating” also includes a 30-day eating plan, complete with healthy recipes and meal plans, all broken down into three phases over a five-week period. Mayo also offers up her “Mindful Daily Helpful Tips,” a Mindful Eating “Good” Food Choice list, as well as a shopping list of recommended foods.