Soccer prediction game Win Tie Lose offered as free alternative to online sports betting

Young software developer has released a website called, which is an online soccer game seen as a fun and free alternative to sports betting.

Online PR News – 04-September-2015 – LONDON, UK – Hailing from London, Sourface — who is an upcoming developer — recently announced a series of projects which he calls “#ProjectTakeover”. Win Tie Lose, which was created in a bedroom and is the first project from the series, pits users in leagues where they contest against each other as they try to earn points to prove they have the most soccer knowledge, with Amazon gift vouchers as the prize for the winners. Players earn points by predicting the scores and results of the soccer fixtures from the top 5 European leagues, including the Premier League and La Liga, each week.

Those who are flying high in their league get promoted to higher leagues to prove themselves against the elites, while those who are struggling get relegated and have to improve their results to stand a chance of returning to their old league.

The game has been seen as an alternative to betting as it combines the challenge of predicting the outcome of matches with a risk-free but competitive environment and depending on the success of Win Tie Lose it could potentially venture into covering the NFL and NBA. Win Tie Lose has also been used as a hub to keep up with the latest league tables and fixtures for the biggest teams and leagues in Europe.

Sourface has given an indication on what his next project may be, as a look on his Instagram and Twitter pages reveal he has been working on an Artificial Intelligence that interacts with users as if it were a human.

Win Tie Lose can be found on Twitter and Instagram by following @playWinTieLose.