Claria Reminds Businesses That September is National Preparedness Month

Building owners, property and facility managers urged to create effective pre-disaster plans.

Online PR News – 04-September-2015 – WENTZVILLE, Mo – Claria, a commercial restoration and cleaning company, is proud to support National Preparedness Month (NPM) this September. This annual event, which is sponsored by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), asks businesses and communities at large to take action now and make a plan on how to stay safe and communicate during disasters through pre-planning efforts.

“Since September is National Preparedness Month, it's a great time for building owners, facility managers and property managers to make sure that they are prepared before a disaster happens,” said Joe Donley, CEO of Claria. “Too many businesses wait until the disaster happens, putting their company at risk of never re-opening. That’s why Claria offers our pre-disaster plan (the PREP plan) at no charge to building owners and facility and property managers.”

Claria focuses on pre-planning with business owners in order to maintain business continuity as well as the safety of all tenants and community members who could be potentially affected during the event of an emergency or disaster. Donley explains, “Setting up a PREP plan takes just a few steps as Claria already has the resources and software to build your customized pre-disaster PREP plan.”

Setting up a PREP plan for your building takes just a few simple steps. First, businesses should call Claria to let them know that they are interested in setting up a PREP plan. Next, businesses should gather a list of emergency contacts and regular vendors that they use to maintain their buildings and businesses such as the IT company, the HVAC company, the electrician, plumber, attorney, and more. Finally, businesses are encouraged to gather their insurance information and schedule a time for a building walk-through with a Claria representative to gather critical building data.

Claria looks forward to aiding businesses’ participation in NPM through pre-disaster planning efforts. They encourage all building owners and facility managers to make preparation a priority and set up a plan this month.

Claria was founded in 2006 and started out providing janitorial and cleaning services to commercial buildings. The company discovered that when disasters or emergencies struck, clients often did not have a plan in place and were not aware of whom to call. Claria is now dedicated to commercial restoration and recovery in the hopes that businesses will lessen the damage to their buildings and be able to continue business with less downtime from the smallest emergency, to the biggest disaster.

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