Local Seattle Author Raising Funds for Financial Education

Jeff Barnes and his team at Self Directed Company have been helping individuals understand new ways to invest for their future.

Online PR News – 03-September-2015 – Seattle – Seattle, WA- Seattle businessman and author, Jeff Barnes, is raising money through an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to fund free financial education workshops in the Seattle area.

Over the past several years, Jeff Barnes and his team at Self Directed Company have been helping individuals understand new ways to invest for their future. From understanding the basic concepts of saving and investing to learning new ways to plan for retirement, Self Directed Company has been changing the conversation about money and investing.

During the financial crisis in 2008, millions of individuals suffered incredible losses as a result of a poor financial education system. Unfortunately many are still suffering and aren't sure how to move forward. The recent downturns in the stock market and oil prices have people on the verge of panic and searching for answers once again.

"The biggest challenge we face today is a lack of awareness about how investing and economics works, and a sense that someone else will take care of us," stated Mr. Barnes at a recent event. "People need to understand they are in charge of their future, and if they won't step up to the plate, no one else will for them."

80% Not Prepared for Future

During his research, Mr. Barnes found that nearly 80% of Americans age 35-55 won't have enough money to retire without assistance from either the government or their families. Given the current economic state, it is not surprising that Americans are wary of their financial and retirement plans, and searching for answers.

Mr. Barnes' campaign to raise awareness comes on the heels of his Amazon Best Selling book, The Ultimate Guide to Self Directed Investing & Retirement Planning, released earlier this year. His book reached #1 in the Retirement Planning and Real Estate Investing categories, two areas that Mr. Barnes spends a significant time educating individuals.

Free Workshops in Seattle

The main driver of the Indiegogo campaign is to create awareness around the seriousness of proper financial and retirement planning and help individuals find new ways to elevate their financial status. Mr. Barnes and his team have decided to host a variety of workshops in the Seattle area with the funds they have raised from this campaign.

"Our clients pay us to implement complex strategies and plans for them. These workshops will be a way for others to learn how to start the process on their own for free."

The Campaign

The Indiegogo campaign is set to raise $25,000 over the course of September 2015 in order to help with the necessary capital to host free live workshops in Seattle, as well as virtual summits for those who cannot attend locally. If you are interested in attending any of these workshops, or would like to support the campaign to do so, please consider contributing on Indiegogo at http://igg.me/at/new- retirement. You will receive, at a minimum, a copy of Mr. Barnes' latest book, and will be well on your way to a greater understanding of finances and investing!

About Jeff Barnes

Jeff Barnes is a US Navy Veteran, and former Risk Manager for a Fortune 100 company. Jeff is currently the CEO of Self Directed Company, a financial and retirement education and consulting firm. His mission is to create a generation of financially independent individuals empowered to live a purpose fulfilled life. He is an author, speaker, coach, and consultant.

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