Chad Lieberman Marketing Engineer Talks about 5 Key Features to Expect in Future Smartphones

Mr. Chad Ian Lieberman New York explores the future of smartphones and what that means for users.

Online PR News – 03-September-2015 – New York, New York City – “Today smartphones are inherently created with greater capabilities and the list of features they have just continues to grow,” SEO maven and tech-lover chad ian lieberman New York said as he began his address to an avid group of tech-savvy individuals in a training workshop.

“We are looking at a future in which smartphones will be far more advanced than anything we could imagine. Given the fast pace of technological developments, that future could be closer than you think,” he went on to say.

Mr. chad lieberman then gave five examples of technologies that would see incorporation in mobile devices of the future, given in summary below:

1. Augmented reality – Achievement of AR in phones will be through the camera. You can point it at something in your real environment to get more information about it. This will be effective since we carry our phones with us everywhere, and so if you need to know a nearby eatery or any other thing, simply whip out the phone and find it using AR.

We are looking at a future in which smartphones will be far more advanced than anything we could imagine. Given the fast pace of technological developments that future could be closer than you think

2. Flexible touch screens – you may be able to get larger screens on which to watch movies/play games not too far from today. These OLED-powered screens can be folded, unfolded, twisted among others. Being paper-thin, you’ll be able to use both sides of the screen simultaneously. Plans are underway to make wearable smartphones en masse.

3. In-built projectors – think about the Samsung Galaxy Beam, which has an in-built DLP WVGA projector capable of projects up to 50 inches and at 15 lumens. Applications? Gaming consoles in the absence of TV screens with the body or voice replacing physical controllers. Of course, it will be a major battery power drainer, but we hope these issues will be addressed.

4. Seamless voice control – SIRI presents a breakthrough in voice recognition and control technology, indicating in part that smartphones will be able to recognize speech the same way we do – through diction and syntax. Combined with gesture technology, smartphone-user interactivity is going to the next level.

5. Holograms and 3D screens – while we may have reached the apex of resolution with the Apple Retina Display, the next step in creation of 3D screens such as the Motorola MT810 and LG Optimus3D. The next step will be holographic projection, equivalent to what was produced in the movie Minority Report by Tom Cruise.

“Whether better smartphones will bring greater dependence or independence and the effects thereof remain to be seen,” chad ian lieberman concluded.

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