Oliver Stone’s “Wall Street” is challenged by “Broad on Wall”

The online story about the other Wall Street of Penny Stocks and Hot Babes.

Online PR News – 21-September-2010 – – The New York author Alan Brody releases his webisode about the funny, sleazy side of Wall Street with this parable about taking a Lady Gaga-like singer public.

Accompanied by original music, this Woody Allenesque story about a Breakfast at Tiffany-like character has captured the attention of thousands of viewers on Empressr and Slideshare. There is also a movie-slide version on Youtube.

Broad on Wall features music by Jennie Walker and Wendy Starland who claims to have "discovered" Lady Gaga.

Broad on Wall will soon come out on the iPad and mobile devices and is up for option for a new movie.


On Empressr: http://bit.ly/cuA6EE
On Youtube: http://bit.ly/94YfpC
On Sideshare: http://slidesha.re/bxDvHR