Home Delivery Breakfast: The Innovative Idea By RainCan

Be it a working couple or an old husband-wife duo enjoying their second innings, grocery shopping is one of the most time consuming tasks.

Online PR News – 02-September-2015 – Pune – Be it a working couple or an old husband-wife duo enjoying their second innings, grocery shopping is one of the most time consuming tasks. From making the list to procuring the stuff, everything takes time and above all, precious effort! What’s more, imagine a situation when you get up one morning and realise that your refrigerator is all empty and the kitchen stock is running at an all time low with no breakfast item. Okay you can manage the grocery shopping but doing so early in the morning without the first meal in your tummy is quite a difficult task. Raincan endeavours to transform this situation and minimise the possibility of its occurrence with its home delivery breakfast option.

Options galore!

From delicious cereals to fresh bread and even milk, Raincan has it all. Now, even if you wake up to realise there is no breakfast in the house, all you need to do is log on to www.raincan.com. Book your stuff and ask for the express delivery option. This way the Raincan team will ensure that all your breakfast items reach you well in time so that you can enjoy a sumptuous meal. The regular delivery services are complimentary and so help you save more money. From online bread delivery and online milk delivery in Pune to online vegetable shopping pune, Raincan has an extensive portfolio indicating that there is always something to meet your needs.

Its healthier

Previously when you didn’t have breakfast, the only option was to order for food from outside. Well, early in the morning, the pocket friendly options are few and even lesser of them are actual healthy enough to quantify as a breakfast item. For instance, oily wadas are delicious but eating them daily for breakfast is a complete no-no for the health conscious crowd. With Raincan’s home delivery breakfast option, all this can change. You don’t have to rely on unhealthy foods to fill your tummy. Instead order fresh bread, milk, cereals, butter, jam and a whole lot of other stuff to lay out an impressive spread that is high on the health quotient as well.

Money saver

Raincan is able to offer great deals because it procures the stuff at a wholesale rate. With no middlemen to eat into the profits, Raincan is able to offer goods at a discounted rate. The service is exclusively for the residents of Pune. As of now, there is an extra discount scheme going on where users can refer friends and earn their discount vouchers. Availing this discount is easy. Each time the referred friend spends 500 or more, the person who referred him or her gets Raincan cash. Each Raincan cash is worth one rupee so the more you refer the more you earn. For one purchase, you can earn up to 500 Raincash.

The discount is applicable for a limited period only and so we would advise you to rush to the website to avail it!