Jeulia, the Leading Online Store, Offers One Year Warranty on All Jewelry Items

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Online PR News – 02-September-2015 – Highland , United Kingdom – The modern online store, Jeulia, announces the incredible news of providing the one-year warranty on all shopping items. The big news has totally grabbed the attention of the customers within a short span of time.

The owner of Jeulia declared that the company provides the one-year warranty on all the jewelry, from rings to necklaces. He said that every sold item is guaranteed for one year of any manufacturing defect and workmanship. The high quality and fine making would not let the shiny jewel be fade away within one year. The making and the crafting process of all the accessories are done with accurate perfection. Owner’s eyes are well set on the production of the items.

It was further stated that the warranty becomes meaningless if the bought item is dealt with carelessness or it has been badly handled. The warranty also becomes void if the item has been repaired by any other maker, other than Jeulia’s own authorized representative. The owner of the re-known online jewelry shop said that the dedicated and loyal Quality Assurance Team examines every jewelry item before it is sent to the shipment process. The store’s responsible team is always highly active to inspect the making of items and the shine of precious stones. With all such incredible characteristics, Jeulia promises to take action or repair the product, if the item has been identified with a manufacturing defect or any hint of imperfection. However, every piece of Jeulia as rings, bracelets, wedding bands, necklaces, precious stones rings, men wedding bands is crafted with care, quality and fineness. High professionals always maintain a regular check on the process of finalizing the products as it is of high responsibility to provide accurate products, with no such defects.

On various sessions, the owner has clearly said that Jeulia is among outstanding online stores which are established, keeping in mind all the convenience of the buyer. Firstly, all the items are crafted and arranged under superb masterminds, which are experts in maintaining the minor details of the item, either the shine or the fixing of the stone. Every step is performed under supervision so that customers don’t complain of any imperfection. But still, the online shop presents one-year warranty on every item, the company holds the responsibility to repair the product, if in case it has been subjected to any defect caused by the workers. It is also said that the customer has to bear the shipping charges for warranty repair of the product.

One can easily get the product repaired by contacting the concerned teams and the team would assist the customer in the best possible manner. It happens very rarely that customers bring products for fixing as Jeulia professionals keep a sharp eye on the inspection of items. However, the tremendous workmanship, crafting, accurate use of extremely high-quality stones and strict examination make Jeulia be known for perfection. So, the company hardly faces such conditions for the products to get fixed.

The owner also said that the company secures all the right to make the warranty null on few circumstances. He further explained that if the jewelery professionals find an item having any signs of modification, damage or abuse apart from “normal wear”, then the warranty may become void. Again, it also happens in rare conditions. But overall, the warranty is the guarantee that happy customers at Jeulia don’t get worried if they have been provided with a defected item, the company is responsible for getting the item fixed properly.