Sports Fan Conference comes to the Rosen this year.

The What A Fan Awards and their Sports Fan Conference, the Ultimate Sports Fan event, will bring Sports Fanatics from around the globe.

Online PR News – 02-September-2015 – September 3-7 in Orlando Florida – Fans have always been an important part of all sporting activity. It's rare when a child begins to get involved with sports that they are thinking of getting a Mercedes, a giant house, or getting married to a supermodel. What is not rare to see is a child playing his favorite sport and throwing their hands in the air to an invisible crowd cheering for his big home run in the backyard wiffleball game or the big shot he just made at the buzzer.

Fans ARE important.

For so long fans have gone with little or no recognition outside of a thanks from their athletes or teams when they get the big win. Nearly every athlete with few exceptions loves and adore their fans. The fans ask for no recognition yet some of these folks are among the most remarkable people you will ever meet.

Enter Lowell Moore. Lowell Moore has worked with entertainers and athletes for decades. He has worked with some of the top athletes in their game. After a successful run working with MMA fighters, NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL players Moore found his love for their fans was the direction he needed to go.

15 years ago Lowell Moore had a new and fantastic idea. He was going to have an awards show to honor the Superfans of the Sporting world. A one of a kind event where the Sports Stars give the awards to the fans. This was not just his new job or career, it became his mission in life. Born was What A Fan. What A Fan is a unique Awards Show that celebrates not only these wonderful fun, goofy or just flat out passionate fans, but the incredible contributions these inspired human beings have to their communities and country.

You all know who these people are, or at least some of them. They paint their faces, wear costumes, have comic books, drive crazy themed RVs and cars that would make George Barris green with envy. These are the Superfans of the world.

The show was set to air September 11, 2001. Our country was changed forever. Being a man of class and integrity, not to mention an overwhelming heart, Mr. Moore put his dream on hold out of respect for our grieving country. A bold move considering he put everything into this show. Moore left his posh home in Beverly Hills and moved to The City Beautiful, Orlando and brought his dream and show with him.

In 2011 What A Fan Sundays began. The show was on the air for some time broadcasting from NBA City at Universal Studios in Orlando. The show was a live call in where fans could have Q&A and talk trash to others and about their teams all in good fun. The Show had multiple celebrity guests and had fans approach from City Walk and step on air with the hosts. One of the Hosts, Brett Schulman, has his own online show Brett TV and has covered the Casey Anthony trial and the Treavon Martin case for CNN.

It was not until 2013 that he got his dream on stage and the Sports Fan Conference had now also become a reality. The first year was a small, but wonderful success with Fans enjoying multiple activities and got to hang out with some of their heroes. Kicking off at The House of Blues and rolling down I drive to Senior Frogs. The weekend had jousting and host booths by Frito Lay, Wal Mart, Pepsi and a giveaway by Maserati.

The show had live music and celebrity presenters. After the show the fans got a wild surprise as the stage filled with athletes including NFL Hall of Famers there just to watch. There was a celebrity bowling event and a party at Buffalo Wild Wings to close things off.

Retailers love these guys because they spend tons on merchandise and memorabilia to fill their man caves and spread their passion, yet many retailers have yet to provide discounts for the bulk purchasing made by these people. Hotels do not provide discounts to these fans that follow their teams. There are few rewards on Credit Cards for fans for, well frequent fan miles. Same with airlines and nearly every other business fueled by these fans.

Moore is doing something about that as well with the first of it's kind What A Fan Club. The club offers...

Discounts on What A Fan merchandise (30%).

Free admission to Sports Fan Conference.

Discount to What A Fan Awards (30%).

VIP Access to What A Fan Awards

Discount on Memorabilia (30%) Encore Select.

Exclusive invitations to attend special events and fan fests (free V.I.P. upgrade benefits where applicable).

Exclusive, annual sponsor gift.

Monthly prize give-a-ways including additional bonus prizes exclusively for Founders Club members.

Every 1000th member (selected randomly) will receive a FREE tailgate party at a game of their favorite sport of choice.

Every 5000th member (selected randomly) will receive a Super Prize Package give-a-way.

Free/Bonus Draw tickets.

First chance at exclusive Limited Edition Purchases (ahead of regular members).

Opportunity to be featured on the What A Fan RV!

Opportunity to star in your very own commercial!

Ongoing opportunity to support What A Fan charitable causes.

What A Fan “Sports Pools” where you can win cash and prizes throughout the year.

Access to What A Fan’s E-Mall featuring great deals on gear from your favorite team(s) as well as unique and exclusively sourced purchase opportunities!

Courtesy of the What A Fan website,

And the list continues to grow.

Moore's love for these fans is more than just an admiration for their love of sports. Moore being a fan himself obviously can relate to the fans, but it was more what they do when the game is over. These fans are more than costumes and painted faces. Just like the stars on the field, there is a person in there.

Many of these fans, I'd even say most, have groups and clubs they identify with. They hold events for major charities and some host their own charities. These folks raise millions upon millions for charities. Some in the Hundreds of Millions. They volunteer at children's hospitals and work with Wounded Warriors. These costumed fanatics have some of the biggest hearts of anyone you may ever meet.

Being inspired by the fans and an amazing Mother, Martha, Moore created the What A Fan Charities. Last year a Mercedes was given away in an attempt to raise money for Fans Against Child abuse as well as trying to help raise money for the medical expenses of a Martial Arts Master, Senior Grandmaster and Kenpo Karate Legend Frank Trejo. These are two stories I will have to do a follow up on as both are important subjects on their own.

This year the Sports Fan Conference begins September 3rd 2015 and is being held at the Rosen on I Drive. You can get more details at or . Next year it makes it's big move to LA as demand increases. This may be your last chance to catch it in Orlando.

The event has been virtually invisible in the media. Ignored by nearly every outlet Moore has put Bob Fitzgerald of Ormond Beach Florida in charge of Digital Marketing. Fitzgerald is a Black Belt of Grandmaster Frank Trejo who we mentioned before and has a background in SEO and Digital Media. The What A Fan team continues to grow and the event goes on despite any actual media attention. It is a grassroots movement that has a real soul and heartbeat.

I look forward to writing more on this event and the people it honors rolling up to the event itself. If you can, show up at the event. It's not hard on your wallet and might be the best thing Orlando has to offer Labor Day Weekend. If you go, make sure to say hello to, The Fan Man, Lowell Moore himself.