Klein Trial Lawyers to Accept Certain Subcontractor Cases on Contingency Fee Basis

Klein Trial Lawyers announces it is taking cases involving nonpayment of subcontractor public works contracts on contingency basis for attorney fees.

Online PR News – 02-September-2015 – Los Angeles, California – Klein Trial Lawyers is happy to announce it is now taking cases involving nonpayment of subcontractor public works contracts on contingency fee basis for attorney fees. The cases where the firm would consider this arrangement is when subcontractors who have worked on public construction projects were not paid and must sue the surety company that has a contractor bond for lost wages. This means the subcontractors would not need to put any money up front for attorney fees in these types of cases.

When asked about this opportunity for subcontractors to have a contingency fee-based wage lawsuit, Robert Klein responded, “Most business litigation or breach of contract cases require the client to pay a retainer up front and pay each month to the lawyer who bills by the hour. However, public works cases for subcontractors are different. For example, public construction projects with costs exceeding $150,000 require contractors to post surety bonds. Surety bonds require contracting teams to work exactly in accordance with terms stipulated on labor contracts. When contractors fail to pay subcontractors who have worked on these public projects, a breach of contract has occurred and the people owed money may have the option to sue the posted surety bond directly for the back wages owed to them under contract.”

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