SKHealth the best healthcare and medical tourism company in South Korea

SKHealth has widespread network of reputed hospitals and clinics that offer the best treatment and medical tourism.

Online PR News – 02-September-2015 – south korea – SKHealth’s success lies in the wide range of products and services it offers to its customers with world class facilities and attractive medical packages. They have tied up with top class hospitals, doctors, restaurants and hotels that give value for money for the customers.
20th Aug, South Korea: Founded a couple of years ago SKHealth has introduced South Koreas best and reliable hospitals and clinics that offer various products and services to national and international customers.
SKHealth has widespread network of reputed hospitals and clinics that offer the best treatment and medical tourism. The company offers the best deals and medical packages with wonderful holiday experience. Many tourists are thrilled with the combo offers of surgery and shopping. The medical tourists have increased tenfold and SKHealth is providing world class facility and service to them.
Apart from the medical services, SKHealth offers a complete service from planning to execution of the medical tourist needs. The services include scheduling the doctor’s appointment, coordinating the appointment and treatment, conducting a visit to the tourist attractions, shopping at the popular markets along with a fine dining experience.
The company provides the best healthcare options by suggesting renowned hospitals and doctors who can treat any illness. The hospitals and clinics offer extensive treatment under each of the categories for patients of all ages and gender.
They have network with South Korea’s best doctors and experts who offer their services in multiple areas like oncology or cancer treatment, neurology, liposuction, plastic surgery, organ transplant, replacement surgery, infertility treatmentand beauty treatments.Critical ailments like spinal stenosis are also treated in South Korea.
Most hospitals givecancer treatmentand cover all types of cancers like thyroid cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer, throat cancer, stomach cancer and many more. The well qualified and experienced doctors conduct complex orthopedic surgery, kidney transplant, hip replacement surgery, joint replacement surgery, Lasik eye surgery and many such surgeries.
Beauty treatments like hair transplant, hair loss treatment, Korean plastic surgery, tummy tuck, liposuction, breast augmentation, breast reduction surgery, calf reduction and anti ageing treatments are some of the most sought treatments in South Korea. With increasing number of people seeking these beauty treatments the cost has become affordable including liposuction cost which used to be expensive earlier.The cost of all the services and treatments have reduced to almost one third and that is proving to be the point of attraction to the tourists apart from tourism and shopping.
SKHealth passes on the cost advantage to the tourists and has become known name in medical tourism and healthcare. Tourists can avail any kind of medical treatment traditional or modern including wellness treatments that are abundant in South Korea.
Everyone wants to get treated at the best hospital and wants to feel safe and secure under the doctor’s care. SKHealth’s partnership with South Korea’s finest doctors give the privilege to choose the most skilled specialist like the dentist, gynecologist, oncologist, pediatric, orthopedic, neurologist, physiotherapist or surgeon .
All hospitals and clinics use the latest technology and methods to treat ailments.Stem Cell Transplant is one such therapy which has been used to cure many deficiencies. Diabetes, infertility problems, dental deformations, birth defects, deafness, blindness, baldness are a few to mention. Extensive research is being carried out on an ongoing basis to be able to increase its use in treating other diseases.
The advantage of SKHealth is that it offers all kinds of products and services on one platform and makes life easy by providing ample options and packages at affordable cost and excellent service. Medical tourism adds a feather in the cap by providing an experience of a lifetime by combining it with tourism and entertainment.
South Korea is a most sought after destination for tourism and getting a beauty or medical treatment done while enjoying shopping and holiday is like a double whammy. After the recession that hit South Korea, there have been hundreds of people from Japan and China the neighboring countries who have availed the medical tourism facility. The cost of the treatment like liposuction and plastic surgery are lower than many other countries and South Korea being one of the best shopping havens has attracted many medical tourists. Women especially love to get a nose lift, breast augmentation or smile correction while they shop till they drop.
South Korea is also promoting medical tourism in a big way to boost the country’s economy and tourists are flocking to South Korea to get treated.
SKHealth offers the finest services to medical tourists and is popular for their affordability and customer service. The company is growing its business and customers on a yearly basis in the healthcare and medical tourism domain. The low cost of treatment coupled with the expertise of the doctors is an important factor contributing to the success of the company.
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