Plastic Injection Molding Firm Recaptures Business from China

For years many businesses turned to cheap labor markets, such as China, for inexpensive manufacturing solutions, but premier plastic injection molding company C&J Industries has noticed a reversal in this trend.

Online PR News – 30-March-2009 – – MEADVILLE, PA -- Pennsylvania-based plastic injection molding company C&J Industries recently announced that it has noticed a reversal in the trend of firms outsourcing manufacturing to cheaper labor markets, such as China. In fact, ten percent of C&J Industries' current business includes projects that were transferred back to the United States from Chinese manufacturers. Specifically, the firm has observed a significant amount of medical, consumer and industrial related business being pulled from Asian markets.

"There is something attractive about doing business with integrity – that's not just a given anymore. Businesses were choosing to go over to China because a 'herd' mentality was driving many manufacturers there…but now some companies are coming back," says Mark Fuhrman, Marketing Manager for C&J Industries (

As an overall trend, some original equipment manufacturers are bringing projects back from China due to problems with communication, continuity of supply, logistics as well as total overall cost. C&J Industries' guiding principles will be a very attractive to these frustrated companies.

Through higher cavitation molds and automation, C&J Industries is often able to provide a lower cost option than most Chinese manufacturers. Ingenuity and innovative technology are driving forces behind C&J Industries' competitive advantage. The firm's success can be attributed to its overall commitment to quality and willingness to invest in capital to better serve its customers.

Additionally, C&J Industries offers superior warranties to those available through Chinese manufacturers. In the plastics industry, when a custom injection molder builds a tool, they typically offer a standard warranty based on the number of shots or cycles, similar to a standard three year, 36,000 mile warranty on a car. However, C&J Industries goes beyond standard by offering a 10-year warranty on the production tooling, regardless of volume.

"Given C&J Industries' advanced technology and superior warranties, it is no surprise that many firms are now turning to us to meet their most challenging manufacturing needs," says Fuhrman.

About C&J Industries: C&J Industries ( is a full service plastics contract manufacturer and product design company specializing in the manufacturing of complex and high precision injection molded components. For nearly 50 years, the firm has been providing manufacturing and design solutions for the industrial, transportation, medical, pharmaceutical, business and consumer machine markets. Additionally, C&J Industries offers a wide range of specialized design services, including production molding, prototyping and custom packaging. As a specialist in medical device manufacturing, C&J Industries has been producing medical injection molding components since the early 1980s.

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