CosmoPBX, Hosted IP PBX Software Announced As Best In Breed PBX Solution

CosmoPBX is a hosted IP PBX solution developed using the FreeSWITCH technology. It is announced as a best in breed software by the industry experts.

Online PR News – 02-September-2015 – Olympia, Washington – The CosmoPBX is a multi tenant IP (Internet Protocol) PBX (Private Branch Exchange) software. It is developed using the FreeSWITCH technology. It is tested by the experts of the industry and announced as the one of the best PBXs available in the market. The details of the CosmoPBX are exhibited on the official website of the company, which developed it, known as Ecosmob Technologies. To serve the visitors of the company's freeswitch specific website, the webpage of CosmoPBX is displayed in the product section of that website. The webpage is accessible at following URL:

“We are happy to receive such good comments from the experts. The cosmoPBX is developed by keeping the vision to serve any small to big organization. It can be used for any startup to cut their communication cost, and enhance it. The PBX solution can also be used by the companies which wants to collaborate their remote offices seamlessly. The CosmoPBX is a multi tenant IP PBX software so it can also be used to provide the PBX services to the tenants. We feel that this vision of serving each industry with a single solution has appealed the experts the most.”, said the spokesperson of Ecosmob Technologies.

The experts have also appreciated the UI (User Interface) of the CosmoPBX. The interface is very user friendly. It is self explanatory. The user doesn't need to struggle to use it with the manual or inbuilt help. The UX of the cosmoPBX has registered 99% positive reply from the users. The CosmoPBX is also loaded with the wide range of features. The range of features includes all simple to advanced features one may expect in the PBX solution. Key Features of the CosmoPBX, Hosted IP PBX solution are listed below:
Different types of advanced call routing
-Call Hold
-Call Retrieve
-Call Parking
-Call Pickup
-Call Forwarding
-Accept call rules setting
-Reject call rules setting
-Three-way Conference support
-Do not disturb setting
-Multi level IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
-DID (Direct Inward Dialing) Support
-CDR (Call Detailed Report)
-Customizable Dashboard
-And more

The cosmoPBX is the modern PBX solution with all the features listed above and many more than that. The spokesperson of the company revealed that “we are happy with the positive response from the experts as well as the users. We are looking forward to collecting the more feedback from the user. We also provide the customization of this product as and when required by the customers. This flexibility might be one of the reasons for so many happy clients.”

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