Dataman "Academics ERP" - A Powerful School & College Management Software

Dataman “Academics ERP” is a one-stop software solution for easily handling varied management functions of educational institutions.

Online PR News – 31-August-2015 – Kanpur / India – School and College Management involves diverse and complex activities which need to be handled with utmost efficiency in order to ensure high level of administrative, managerial and operative competency in the management processes. It is required that information flow is fast, smooth and accurate so that there is no difficulty in processing and managing data across all the departments of schools, colleges and educational institutions.

In present competitive scenario, the need for streamlining and optimizing school and college management functions have become even more necessary. Any discrepancy can lead to tarnishing of the overall image of school, college or educational institutions. So, administration cannot compromise on management issues.

In this regards, a powerful and comprehensive School or College Management System can play a crucial role. In fact with School Management Software or College Management Software, schools, colleges and educational institutions can go onto optimize and effectively manage all the processes and functions related with administration so as to bring about overall efficiency in school and college management.

Actually, a competent School and College Management Software is empowered to effectively handle all the key activities related with administration. Some of the primary functions handled include Student Enquiry, Admission Procedure, Student Attendance, Fee Management, Time Table Management, Examination Management, Library, Hostel Administration, Inventory, Accounts, Payroll, etc. So, it brings about full automation of administrative tasks.

Moreover, effective control is achieved over the entire management cycle of schools, and colleges. It helps in establishing a perfect communication channel between students, teachers, parents and administration. It proves to be a helpful tool in the storing and mining of information. Student Information Tracking and Management becomes absolutely easy. Furthermore, it facilitates in easy access of data across departments. It can be used at all departments and levels of administration. So, it supports in reducing the overall work load of departments. That’s not all, as it proves an indispensable tool in multiple campus management.

However, finding a competent school or college management software is not easy at all. Some are highly expensive, others lack features and do not function as a complete software solution for schools and colleges. This necessitates the requirement of having a competent, easy-to-use, powerful, flexible, customizable, comprehensive and reliable software for educational institutions. In this regards, “Academics ERP” serves to be a one-stop solution for schools, colleges and educational institutions.

In fact, “Academics ERP” has been developed to function as an easy-to-use, cost effective, comprehensive, secured and customizable software system for schools, degree colleges, medical and engineering institutions, management institutes, coaching institutes, polytechnic and research institutes, as well. The Software has been developed by Dataman Computer Systems (P) Ltd which itself is a renowned name in the field of Software Development. The Company pioneers in the creation of state-of-art software solutions across various business verticals. “Academics ERP” is one of its primary and highly successful software solution.

“Academics ERP” functions as a complete ERP Solution for educational institutions. It adopts a modular approach and has all the key modules to handle all the critical and essential tasks and management functions of schools and colleges. Some of its notable modules includes Student Registration, Student Attendance, Fee Management, Examination Management, Library Management, Hostel Management, Accounts, Payroll, Transportation, Alumni Management, etc. That’s not all, as it has been studded with an elaborate reporting system and provides detailed MIS Reports pertaining to all departments of schools and colleges.

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So, it is essential to efficiently manage tasks and functions of educational institutions. A competent School/College Management System can be highly beneficial for handling various functions of schools and colleges. In this perspective, “Academics ERP” Software can prove a valuable tool for schools, colleges and educational institutions.

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