Three New Titles in Adult Coloring Books Announced by TeamWorx

The expanding Art Therapy Movement spawned Adult Coloring Books, and artist Karridine is launching three new titles.

Online PR News – 31-August-2015 – Seattle, WA – Company spokesman Na-ihn Dean, Chief Marketing Officer, says 'Noted artist Karridine has added three titles to his adult coloring book offerings on Amazon, for adults to color-in the faces and forms of dancers, transvestites, girls and entertainers.

Line-drawings in pen-and-ink, often executed under the appalling drawing conditions of the flashing lights, dim lighting and near-darkness of night-clubs and cabarets, Karridine's artwork is sparking a wider following around the world,' Mr Dean said.

According to Mr Dean, 'Coloring books for adults grew out of the rapidly expanding popularity of the Art Therapy Movement, which began reaching a wide, global audience around 2013, and is now blossoming into coloring books like these. Popular with men and women alike, the People Dreams series is proving that sane, rational adults DO WANT coloring books today, so they can enjoy some quiet time and have something more than 'OHMMMM....' to show for it. All the people depicted are clothed, even if scantily clad, there is no porn here!'

'So TeamWorx, Inc is proud to publish these to a wider public, knowing they are both entertaining and therapeutic,' Dean said, 'even though we know that many copies are being bought for family, friends and veterans with or without PTSD.'

'These coloring books help calm, sooth, amuse and inform, even if you're a normal, sane adult... Sane, now THAT's an interesting concept!' joked Mr Dean. 'With so much pain and suffering in today's world, it is an act of real sanity to admit that "I'm just crazy enough to GET one of these for myself!'

TeamWorx, Inc also launched the adult coloring book 'Cleanup Crew', in support of an effort on RocketHub to find crowdfunding for an indy film about the unsung heroes of any war, who clean up the battlefields and cities AFTER the fighting has ended... and sometimes while the fighting is raging around them! 'It was the enthusiastic response to that coloring book, essentially anti-war in its message, like MASH and Band of Brothers, that encouraged us to launch these new titles' said Mr Dean.

'The bottom line is, when you want a break from the tedious, boring or grinding day-to-day efforts of life today, a cheap adult coloring book and a box of colored pencils provides hours of calm, introspective, hassle-free relaxation, especially when you put on some quiet music, put the phone on vibrate, and enjoy some well-deserved quiet time in your hectic life,' said Dean.