1800 Junkman is a professional junk removal in Melbourne. We provides best residential and commercial rubbish removal service for homes, office, garden, hotels.

Online PR News – 01-September-2015 – Melbourne/Victoria – There are many benefits of hiring a professional junk removal company. Some of these benefits include:
- saving your own valuable time and energy
-enjoying a clean, tidy and hygienic premises
- getting an unavoidable tiring task out of the way
- getting the job done through the best services at an affordable rates.
- ensuring your junk is recycled and disposed of efficiently and properly.

1800 Junkman junk removals is a company located in Melbourne. Their main purpose is rubbish removal all around Melbourne. They aim to reuse and recycle the junk it to the maximum potential and then discard the waste in an environmentally friendly way. If you have extra furniture, mattress or green waste that is lying around and needs disposal, Junkman junk removal are the perfect people to get in touch with. They aim to remove the junk within 48hours excluding weekends. A quotation will vary depending on the location, the difficulty in getting to the junk and how easily the waste can be recycled.

Overall, 1800 Junkman Junk removals are a friendly team that job done properly and fast so you don’t have to worry about disposing any rubbish that has been lying around. If you have any rubbish that needs to be collected, Junkman junk removals are the people to call.