16 Year Old Girl Makes More Than $400k as an Affiliate Marketer

The Rich 16 Year Old Millionaire System Catapults Marketers To Success, Says Creator.
Program Contains Secrets on How to Earn $405K in One and a Half Months

Online PR News – 19-September-2010 – – Carol Nguyen, a very young entrepreneur, shares her strategies through “The Rich 16-Year-Old Millionaire System” that allowed her to bank over $405,000 from affiliate marketing in less than 45 days. "I'm breaking down the doors on the closely guarded secrets to job-killing fortunes from the easiest and quickest way to make money on the Internet,” she shared.

She further said that with “The Rich 16 Year Old Millionaire System,” one can “discover the explosive affiliate marketing method that is catapulting ‘regular joes’ into super affiliate internet moguls – all without breaking a sweat or opening your wallet.”

Included in the system are quite a few features that have never been seen in other affiliate marketing guide products. According to several reviewers of the product, among the top highlights include the point based system for determining the effectiveness of a particular product and the method to decipher whether a specific PPC campaign is working for the marketer’s niche. Other users find the System’s 4-step formula to be very useful as well. This one mainly focuses on a paradigm with which the marketer can determine the maximum amount per click used in diverse PPC campaigns.

For marketers not heavily using the PPC strategy, Nguyen said that this System will still be taken advantage of. She shared that the guides include extensive discussions on different techniques on affiliate marketing and driving traffic to one’s site. These include pointers on writing effective AdWords copies, strategies on successful article marketing and advanced guidelines on utilizing social media to boost potential of back links.

To date, this product has been utilized by even the long-time industry practitioners. Search engine optimization and MyOrangeCountySEO.com President Jeff Lenney is one of the users of this product. He said, “When I finished reading the book, it was like enlightenment from internet marketing heavens. Starting the next day, I started using this system, and I made profits on my very first day. It's been record profits for me ever since I started using this.”

Another esteemed internet marketing practitioner, motivational speaker and owner of resultzmatter.com Eddie Saenz gave high praises for “The Rich 16-Year-Old Millionaire System.” He said that although he and his wife/business partner are not computer savvy, the instructions, lessons and tips in each of the guides are very simple yet practical and lucrative. “To make the type of income that we have been earning from home on a part-time basis using the methods Carol has put together has been truly amazing. This will by far be a program that will change your life forever."

The young entrepreneur goes out on a limb by saying this System could prove to be a valuable investment even to those who have never sold anything online before or those who have no web design, copywriting or graphics experience.

She added, “You must understand making money online has nothing to do with luck and everything to do with the right system. And unless you have the right system to follow, you will never make the money that you crave, create an online business you can be proud of, or gain the respect that you deserve.”

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