'CartIn24 - The lite Magento' is Setting a New Trend in e-Commerce Sector

Cartin24 is a recently launched eCommerce service software which has been developed on Magento. You can create your own store without any technical difficulty.

Online PR News – 01-September-2015 – Philadelphia – Within six months after the launch, Cartin24, an e-Commerce service, has won more than 5000 customers from 80 countries thanks to the mind-blowing e-Commerce revolution taking place in the global market. Cartin24 is actually a lite version of Magento, the one of the most admired eCommerce platforms. Their attempt is to simplify some inherent complexities of Magento that makes it a difficult option for someone without much technical knowledge. They have presented it to people in a super-cool format so that anyone can build their Magento online store without a developer.

Magento, due to powerful features and options for customization, have become very popular among e-Commerce service providers. It currently holds more than a quarter of the market share. However, building a Magento site is not a cakewalk. It’s actually built for the developer. So the development is both a complex and costly task. It requires an experienced team to develop, customize and launch an online store. Even after the launch, the site owner needs the help of a Magento expert to manage the day-to-day operations. Otherwise it will be very difficult.

Cartin24 simply solves these issues, and obviously, that is the reason for its rising popularity. Without altering the strong core features of Magento, Cartin24 has made a highly user-friendly admin panel and simplified the processes so that a non technical person can do the customization and launch the store. It provides a large set of neatly designed and mobile-friendly themes from which a user can choose the aptest one for his purpose. Moreover Cartin24 manages and give support in all technical matters like hosting, security, software upgrades and so on. This ensures a lot of relief to customers. What they need to do is just focus on their online sales and store management.

They chose the name Cartin24 since their state-of-the art support system will help clients build an e-Commerce store and maintain it in such a way that they can offer their customers 24X7 non-stop online shopping experience.

Their customer support is prompt and professional so that a user who has no technical knowledge will be guided from the first step to the launch. The further support will help him manage the store flawlessly.

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