Zero Down Traffic Blueprint Creator Offers Free Copy Of The Course

Easy Six Figures With Free Traffic to Be Achieved with This Guide, Author Says

Online PR News – 19-September-2010 – – Creator of Zero Down Traffic Blueprint Oli Tee offers online marketers to win a free copy of the guide prior its launch on September 21, 2010. Tee explained that five subscribers can get the powerful money-getting, traffic generating method away completely free if one will access the product site and post a comment on why the copy should be awarded to him and how it could possibly change one’s marketing practice.

He also shared that although the free copies are only limited to five, early bird subscription to the Zero Down Traffic Blueprint newsletter lets one to be notified of other promotions to be launched with such product. One of which is the possible establishment of the Zero Down Traffic Blueprint Bonus Package.

Tee compiled all the strategies he used upon unearthing the secrets that had enabled him to generate over $140,000 in just 90 days using free traffic. The product according to him can get anyone started in less than 20 minutes to set up the effective campaign to start earning massive income instantaneously. With this guide, one can earn up to $3,715 in a day or even $71,805 in a week.

He also said that the guide does not encourage usage of websites, products, a list, previous affiliate or any other marketing experience and skills of any kind for one to be successful at driving traffic to one’s site, or earning money for that matter. Some of the tools Tee deemed unnecessary to become a thriving affiliate are PPC, PPV, media buys. Banner ads, Bing, Yahoo, SEO, email drops, link building, Ad Swaps, JV partners, among others. “If you can ‘copy, paste, and hit send,’ they you have what it takes to make money with this method, guaranteed,” Tee emphasized.

Clay Keegan, an affiliate marketer and product reviewer, took the product for a test drive He said, “The program has six content-filled, no-fluff videos that […] show you how to go from zero to six figures using a very simple method. […] It sounded too good to be true so… I took the entire program for a test-run and a couple of days later, I’ve already made my investment back 30 times over – and it’s just the beginning.”

Meanwhile, the production of this guide is only limited to 250 copies. Thus, Tee urges to immediately access the copy for a discounted price available at a limited time offer. He also offers a $10 discount on the already low-down price of the said guide. As of press time, there are but 3 packages left for this much covetable offer.

The Mind Behind the Guide
Oli Tee, who hails from San Francisco, has been in the online marketing business for quite some time now. He has been one of the founding forces behind the quite numerous big product launches. Some of which include the Mobile Monopoly, CB Wealth Formula, Blogging Espionage and Auto Traffic Avalanche. All these products have hit number one in ClickBank and have broken ranking and income records.

“With the Zero Down Traffic Blueprint guide, you can have the freedom to do what you want and when you want. You can take unlimited vacations because you have complete control of your time and your life,” Tee concluded.

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