College Knowledge Institute (CKI) Incorporates e-Texts into Its New Program Structure

Participants in the new Online Career Advancement learning program, College Knowledge Institute, can now enjoy the convenience and benefits of e-texts.

Online PR News – 01-September-2015 – Valley Cottage – The overall mission of College Knowledge Institute is to increase the access and affordability of associate of science degree subject knowledge; specifically the physical, life, and social sciences. The new program will enhance its delivery options by publishing interactive and engaging e-texts that will be available as no-cost companions to all College Knowledge Institute courses.

"We're excited to be able to develop these e-texts as supplemental digital multimedia solutions that will surely increase our student knowledge retention," said Mark Robinson, senior administrator for College Knowledge Institute. "Creating innovative ways to make this, meaningful and essential, curriculum more affordable and accessible to anyone is a primary mission of this program, with additional goals of helping participants attain critical thinking skills that will increase their knowledge, understanding, and wisdom relative to people and the world around them."

The College Knowledge Institute curriculum integrates with the world’s top university-level learning management systems. The program offers simple single-sign-on and is accessible on any laptop, personal computer, or notebook mobile device. The addition of e-texts to the College Knowledge Institute program will offer participants enhanced off-line studying opportunities. The e-texts are downloadable, have multiple device and display options, table of contents and bookmarks, numerous illustrations, searchable text, and links to quality supplemental resources, references, and interactive media. These College Knowledge Institute e-texts can also be used as stand-alone tutorials covering the course subject matter.

"As we continue development of College Knowledge Institute and prepare to open pre-registration enrollment, we will find ways to add value while keeping cost to participants as low as possible," added Mark. "The addition of e-texts to College Knowledge Institute is just an example of our commitment to making this the best online learning program of its kind."

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