EnTrance Hypnotherapy App Kickstarter Campaign Launch

A Mobile App and Web site Portal to distribute and deliver, EnTrance, our 300+ Library of Self help meditational hypnosis recordings.

Online PR News – 30-August-2015 – London, England – Between the key players involved in the concept of EnTrance Hypnotherapy, we have a diverse set of skills. Infact, most of the skills we needed to plan, pre-produce, record and post produce then entire library!
EnTrance is a modular self help and relaxation library which has multiple human voices and hundreds of script variables, giving the user a huge variety of fresh meditation options.

We have (we're over 70% through recording already!!) funded the project ourself, but need to raise capital to build both an online web-access portal and phone/tablet Apps for IOS and Android.

Ideally, we wish to give the end user the power options to adjust the levels of voice, music, sound FX, Brain Sync waves, Binaural beats, etc exactly to their own tastes.

Programmers for this kind of optioning don't come cheap, and we need to use one who can do this enormous project justice.

We plan to launch with 4 libraries, each of over 100 different subjects/options available in three distinclty different voices.

Once up and running, we will build on these libraries. See our video for further technical details. It's a massive project, and one we are fully committed to getting right!