Close Combat Training Brings the Studio to your Living Room

Close Combat Training has brought the training studio to the general public in a way that is safe, convenient and affordable.

Online PR News – 20-September-2010 – – We live in a time when millions of people fear becoming a victim of crime. Even though government officials state that crime is declining in most U.S. cities, there is still fear brought on by our tough economic times.

There is no reason for people to fear for their own safety or the safety of their family members. Men, women and children of all ages can and should learn self defense techniques that can be quickly utilized in the event they may become necessary. Self defense is not difficult to learn. Self defense is not karate (although some self defense techniques may stem from the art). Self defense is really about learning those specific moves that will serve as effective ways to push away an attacker.

Every individual has the right and the responsibility to protect themselves. In the face of danger, it is widely assumed that one can call out for help or dial 911 and they will come out alright. However, the truth is that oftentimes help does not arrive in time. For this reason, Close Combat Training has brought the training studio to the general public in a way that is safe, convenient and affordable.

Perhaps many people forego receiving the training that will benefit them because they fear the cost of training will be too high. This is understandable, especially when there are several members in a family who would all require training. In this such instance, the DVD program set forth by Close Combat Training expert Chris Pizzo is an ideal method for learning valuable self defense techniques.

The maker of Close Combat Training, Chris Pizzo, was an accomplished martial artist as well as a military intelligence expert at a young age. A run-in with cancer stopped his military career short; but his love of the arts continued and he resumed martial arts training as soon as his health would allow. Mr. Pizzo applied the accelerated learning tools and tactics he had developed both in the military and education system to successfully compete once again in the martial arts with amazing results (Gold Medal US Grappling Champion, Silver Medal Grappler's Quest National Champion, and a remarkable 147 trophies and medals in Karate, Judo, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, and Boxing).

Even with all of this high intensity training under his belt, Chris still had his own encounter with violent crime from which he could not fight back. This encounter led him through a decade-long search for the “perfect self defense”. The result of his world-wide search is his DVD program that is now offered as a free trial for individuals and families who want to hear it straight.

While Chris has spent plenty of time in the public eye, his happiest moments are spent with his wife and children.

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