Chad Lieber Doctor of Internet Marketing Talks About 'An Interplanetary Internet'

Chad Ian Lieber discusses the basic details of capabilities of the IPN and on how it’s supposed to work.

Online PR News – 29-August-2015 – Manhattan, New York – “Today imagine a world where somebody on Earth will be able to communicate with someone in Mars. All this is going to be made possible by the early 2030s,” Internet marketing maven Mr. chad ian lieber remarked as he began a teaching seminar on the basics of the Interplanetary Internet.

“Government agencies and private enterprises alike are working their heads off to make all these possible, and who manages to get there first only remains to be seen,” he continued, adding that the first order of business after landing on Mars will be to establish a network connection to enable Internet communication with Earth.

“The projects, one of which has been labeled the Mars One project,” Mr. Ian Lieber continued, “includes a team of both explorers and settlers who will require an efficient way to access and transmit information amongst one another and with their teams on Earth, hence the need for an interplanetary Internet.”

Government agencies and private enterprises alike are working their heads off to make all these possible and who manages to get there first only remains to be seen

Mr. Lieber added further that having such a connection over the Internet would also enable the settlers to buy supplies they need through the internet, and organize for shipping among other things, just like we do on Earth.

“For now,” the marketing expert continued, “humans have not been able to land on Mar’s surface, since it’s too harsh. Instead, they continue to orbit the planet in a space station, while controlling robots that have been landed on the surface.”

He further explained that through this orbiting platform, humans have a wide field of view of the planet, and they are able to send the robots virtually anywhere on the planet, and also to change course when need arises without having to consider safety, unlike what happens with humans.

“The proposed techniques to enable Interplanetary internet are currently being tested, but the tricky part is developing the infrastructure that would be able to transmit the signal across planets,” Mr. chad ian lieber explained, adding that the remote operation was also difficult, but much less so.

In conclusion, chad lieber revealed that space communication is currently made possible by point-to-point communication, where an antenna from Earth transmits a signal to another on a spacecraft. “What we’re after however is a more pervasive technology to enable communications from wherever, just like the Internet on Earth.”

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