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Online PR News – 19-September-2010 – – Fall Out Boy is an American rock band from Wilmette, Illinois, formed in 2001. The band consisted of vocalist-rhythm guitarist Patrick Stump, lead guitarist Joe Trohman, bassist Pete Wentz and drummer Andy Hurley.

Fall Out Boy was brought to life a little over one year ago but it wasn't superhero powers that got them to where they are today. The Chicago based band formed after Pete Wentz, front man of venerable hardcore troop Arma Angelus, brought about the demise of the up-and-coming band. He then joined forces with good friend and guitarist Joe Trohman and began writing pop songs for fun. The dynamic duo stumbled upon the charismatic Patrick Strump, and without ado Patrick found himself as the vocalist of the newly born band. The trio was now in search for a drummer. After many auditions and short-lived members, the band's try-fail-try method teamed them up with an old friend Andy Hurley. Fall Out Boy knew they had found the perfect combination. "We are all best friends and we wanted to play music we had grown up listening to - the stuff that first got us into punk rock" explains Wentz when asked how the band started.

In 2007, the group released the #1 record “Infinity on High” and began a series of headline arena tours. The band also attempted to enter the Guinness Book of World Records by playing all seven continents– sadly, weather prevented the group from entering Antarctica.

After the announcement of the band's break, several Fall Out Boy members moved on to new musical endeavors. Joseph Trohman and Andy Hurley teamed up with Keith Buckley from Every Time I Die, Scott Ian and Rob Caggiano from Anthrax and David Karon to form the heavy metal band The Damned Things. Hurley also plays in the hardcore band Burning Empires, featuring Matt Mixon of 7 Angels 7 Plagues, and Stuart Ross, Ryan Morgan, and Kyle Johnson of Misery Signals. Hurley will also temporarily act as a live fill in for Dennis Merrick during Earth Crisis' 2010 "The Wrath of Sanity" tours, and continue working on his record label, Fuck City.

Patrick Stump began producing his debut solo album in January 2010. The album features no guest musicians as Stump plays all of the instruments himself. He considers the album a "big, convoluted way to get me to play drums again, because I really just miss playing drums." The album is expected to be released mid-2010.

Pete Wentz continues his family life with his wife, Ashlee Simpson, and son, Bronx. He also continues work on his clothing label, film production company and two bars in Chicago and Barcelona. More recently, Wentz acts as spokesperson of UNICEF's Tap Project, a fundraising project that helps bring clean drinking water to people worldwide.[52] Wentz has also expressed his interest in working on new music projects, though he hopes to move outside the limitations of the common 4/4 time signature of pop music. Commenting on this, Wentz stated, "I have ideas that extend beyond [a 4/4 time signature] and I guess I scratched a lottery ticket enough that, because of my band, people let me do these (other) ideas, and some of them are good, some of them are not so good."

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