Parker Worldwide Ltd announce Growth in Outsourcing of Marketing Firms in the UK in 2010

Your company can and should be great at only a few things. For those other things, hire a firm who can do these things to a higher standard.

Online PR News – 19-September-2010 – – Your company can and should be great at only a few things. For those other things, hire a firm who can do these things to a higher standard. Outsourcing originally applied only to the company’s noncore areas, such as canteens, cleaning and gardening. But in today’s market company’s should outsource everything that other trusted parties can do better or more cost effective. Outsourcers are able to offer faster & greater results, better rates on investments because of their scale and specialization.

Parker Worldwide Ltd specialise in Direct Marketing and Sales. We believe that in the new market place company’s need to assess the impact of its actions on all the companies’ stakeholders, customers, employees, distributors, dealers, and suppliers not only its shareholders. Any alienated stakeholder group can cause disruption to the company’s plans and progression. So why does outsourcing to UK marketing firm Parker Worldwide Ltd effect this?

At Parker Worldwide Ltd we provide our clients with the following major roles alongside increasing their customer base ensuring that our clients major stakeholder their “customers” are put first

How we do this:
• Detecting and evaluating new opportunities for progression.
• Mapping customer perceptions, preferences, and requirements.
• Communicating customer wants and expectations directly to the clients and their product designers.
• Making sure that customer orders are filled correctly and delivered on time.
• Checking that customers have received proper instructions and technical assistance in use of the product or service.
• Staying in touch with customers after the sale to ensure that they are satisfied.
• Gathering customer ideas for product and service improvements and conveying them to the appropriate departments.

So what marketing skills do marketers need in order to carry out their role to their full potential?

At Parker Worldwide Ltd we believe that the following skills are essential in today’s market:

• Future Forecasting
• Team Planning
• Analysing
• Creating
• Deciding
• Motivating
• Communicating
• Implementing

These skills make up true marketing leaders and manager’s, it’s these marketing skills that all companies look for in their search for new company growth and market share. Parker Worldwide help grow and develop these skills within each and every team member to ensure we stay a leading and trusted outsource.

About US:-

Parker Worldwide Ltd is a Direct Sales & Marketing company. Our Marketing styles are truly unique & allow us to work with some of the top-tier clients, represent some of the world€™so most recognized brands, covering many different industries. We achieve success in meeting our clients’ customer acquisition goals by creating a culture of opportunity within a team-oriented, positive environment – making Parker Worldwide a win-win situation for clients and employees alike.

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