Advanced strategies lead to success in food marketing says Cartmelldesign

Cartmelldesign is a food packaging consultant providing services to UK and all across the globe through online media.

Online PR News – 28-August-2015 – London – Cartmelldesign – A Kent based food packaging consultant in UK states advanced strategies lead to success in food marketing. Food marketing is witnessing a swift change in marketing strategies and lead generation. Industry is seeing a tough competition among companies to regain top and allure consumers. Nascent and established companies are facing challenges to achieve success in marketing now. Success in marketing depends upon strategies taken to reach to potential customers and convince to buy products. This is why marketing experts are being hired for formulating strategies that are essential in acquiring reputation and increase reputation among consumers. Special marketing effort along with right strategies can help nascent or established food companies to stand out in market. To help out food companies, this company is providing special services to reach out to potential customers and achieve success immediately.

“A good designed packet tells everything about the products and service of a company. Packaging design acts as messenger for companies to potential customers in market. Alluring design attracts consumers towards the products and influence buying decision at the point of sale. Special design of packet helps to gain a separate identity in market but it has to be life relevant to consumers. Credibility on the consumers can be increased tremendously getting a fantastic packaging design with all essential nutritional information. It brings out the credibility level of consumers and goes for the products from the market. But, it is essential to research the market to find out preference of consumers before designing the packet design nicely. An alluring packet can work wonders in increasing the traffic, credibility, engagement, and even sale of products. Expert designers should be hired in creating the fabulous design prefer by consumers using innovative ideas and important tools”- says Nick Cartmell, Director of Cartmelldesign. He said this while addressing a press conference on the importance of package design in modern food marketing success in Kent, yesterday.

He continued, “Marketing of food products isn’t easy for companies due to tough competition from competitors in market. Even consumers don’t buy products from unknown brand fearing disastrous health condition later in life. Succeeding in marketing is a challenge for companies and can be achieved through special planning with suitable strategies. Marketing experts should be hired to analyze marketing condition and formulate strategies accordingly. Social media is being used by the companies in reaching to maximum potential customers and achieve success in marketing immediately”.

He further said, “Packaging design continued to play an important role for companies in food industry to succeed in marketing. A company can get only three seconds to allure the attention of consumers through packet. There is no one to interact with consumers at the point of sale in the market. Packet should be made in which a way that says everything about product inside and company. Numerous researches have shown that attractive packet significantly boost in selling the products in market. Packaging significance can’t be ignored by food companies and should be taken from experienced designers”.

Cartmelldesign is a food packaging consultant providing services to UK and all across the globe through online media. The important services provided by the company are packaging design, brand identity, graphic design, digital media, public relation and food marketing. Services are provided by experts in each field to deliver quick result to businesses. To get more information about the service or to get the service, visit the official website: