Short Or Long Term Pet Boarding Now Available

Will you be going out of town and looking for where you will keep your dog when you leave? Family and friends may be an option, but if there will not be anyone

Online PR News – 28-August-2015 – GU – Are you leaving to go on vacation and considering where you will board your dog when you leave? Friends or neighbors might be an option, but if no one you trust will be around when you'll be leaving, you may want to consider other options. If you live in Lancaster, PA, you'll be relieved to find more than a few quality dog kennels from which to choose.So what should you look for while considering a Lancaster pet resort? You will want to be certain your pet would be safe while you are away. So be sure to check out the kennel ahead of time and look for the following:Vaccination PoliciesIt is vital to find a kennel that only accepts pets that have gotten their shots.Is the Place Clean?In addition, arrange to visit of the kennel and review their cleaning policies. If you find offensive odors or see cleanliness issues on your tour, look elsewhere.Sleeping QuartersTry to find a kennel which offers adequate heat, cooling and fresh air to keep your pet warm or cool in all kinds of weather. You'll also want to make sure that your dog has a place to get out of rain, a snow storm, wind and the hot sun. Most kennels provide indoor accommodations with an available outdoor area.Plenty of ExerciseAsk about how frequently your dog will go for walks. Your pet should be walked a minimum of twice per day, however the more walks and interaction your pet gets the happier they will be. Find out about scheduled exercise and socialization with other pets prior to settling on a place. Feeding / MedicineAsk about the kennel's policies on feeding schedules and the brand of dog food your pet will be given. If your pet is on a special diet or is particularly picky, ask if you can arrange to provide the dog's regular food while you are gone. In addition be sure to tell the facility concerning any medicine your pet is taking and plan to have them administered if needed while you are gone.When you find a good kennel, you may also find out about different things they offer. Pet resort amenities near Lancaster are offered as an additional add-on to regular stays at kennels. Many facilities provide a full time pet grooming staff. You might want to have your dog's grooming service done during your vacation.Finally, see if you can buy pet supplies in Lancaster, PA directly from the kennel or their affiliate. You will often get better quality than you'll find at a big box pet store and save money too.