Producer Filippo Nesci to Produce The Upcoming Scientific Documentary 'Mourning In Our Digital Age'

Filippo Nesci, the producer behind the award winning films "Lineman" and "Wrecks and Violins," will produce the documentary film "Mourning in Our Digital Age"

Online PR News – 28-August-2015 – Los Angeles, CA – Filippo Nesci, who produced the award winning films "Lineman" and "Wrecks and Violins," and the upcoming film "Pepe the Movie," will produce the feature-length documentary film "Mourning in Our Digital Age."

A scientific documentary, which Nesci is producing with Janus Communications and Movies LLC, "Mourning in Our Digital Age" will cover the evolution of mourning practices across international cultures emphasizing music, artifacts and more.

What is even more interesting about this project is the fact that this film will create a bridge between these age-old practices and those of modern times venturing to explore even the new universe of virtual reality.

"This documentary fits my unique identity as a producer very well," explains Nesci. "I spent many years in America, and visited several American-Indian locations (New Jersey, New Mexico, Utah, California), but I also know Rome and its Renaissance art and monuments very well, since I was born and raised there; furthermore I personally experimented with some new devices developed to explore virtual reality. Finally, I have all the connections to find the best cast and crew in both Countries."

Through the upcoming film, audiences will discover ancient rituals of the American Indians, delve deep inside the tomb of Pope Julius II within the Church of St. Peter ad Vincula in Rome, and experience how a combination of music and art has been a powerful therapeutic device for people in mourning from time immemorial.

Wrecks and Violins

Beyond being both entertaining and informative, the ultimate goal of "Mourning in Our Digital Age" is to provide socially useful applications to help heal those dealing with grief.

Nesci produced one of his first documentary films, "The Workshop Movies and Dreams,” back in 2009. The documentary shows how an audience of doctors, psychologists, and nurses who watch a cancer movie and then go to sleep and dream, are able, the next morning, remembering the scenes of the movie and sharing their dreams influenced by the screening of the previous night, to overcome their own subconscious blocks in their work with cancer patients and their relatives. The workshop has since had an impact in the world of Psycho-Oncology and has become an innovative new tool in continuing medical education internationally. Nesci's documentary went on to be featured on Doppio Sogno (Double Dream,) an Italian online scientific journal of psychotherapy.

At that time, Nesci also contributed to the invention of Multimedia Psychotherapy, a new form of therapy for people who suffer from prolonged grief disorder, complicated grief, or bereavement. Actually he was the first multimedia artist who was in charge of producing the “psychodynamic montages” through which a digital “memory object” was edited for each patient, recalling the life of his/her beloved one.

Nesci says, "Multimedia Psychotherapy aims at collecting and analyzing pictures and sounds to help mourn the loss of beloved relatives, partners, or friends. The upcoming documentary "Mourning in Our Digital Age" will tell the story of the whole process of the therapy and place it in its evolutionary context, from pre-history to the next future of virtual reality."

Filippo Nesci's vast knowledge of psychology and the inner workings of the human mind, which he developed with the help of his father Domenico Nesci, an internationally respected psychoanalyst, has clearly set him a part from most other producers, up to the point that he presented a workshop on mourning to the July 2015 International Psychoanalytic Association Congress, in Boston, with his father and Professor Dominique Scarfone (University of Montreal). However, at the same time, he has achieved incredible success producing very different works that include films, music videos, and even commercials.

"Filippo and I have been working together for years completing a diverse list of projects on all of which Filippo performed the lead role of producer," says producer Nima Shoghi, who worked with Nesci on the music video for KOAN Sound's "80s Fitness," and the films "The Carnival is on Fire," "Long Way Down" and others.

"Each project had its own share of massive challenges, which were always overcome because of Filippo’s tremendous talents for creative problem solving, organizational skills, and just plain sixth sense for keeping crazy productions on the straight and narrow.”

Last year a series of commercials Nesci produced for Scotch whiskey company Lagavulin were awarded the prestigious Bronze Clio Award and the 2014 National ADDY Gold Award. He also produced the multi-award winning music video for Koan Sound's hit song "80s Fitness," and Meg Myers "Monster," with the latter of the two recieving over 1.5 million views on YouTube.

"Pepe the Movie,” which Nesci began producing last year, follows Pepe, a man who leaves his secluded village in the rainforest and embarks on a journey into the unknown external world in search of the medicines needed to save his dying community.

Nesci admits that he was drawn to this film from the moment he read the screenplay for its high psychosocial value. "Pepe is not a story but a tool to induce in the audience a psychological experience, an emotional state that helps them to empty their own minds and open up to new thoughts and feelings… a sort of meditation or mindfulness experiment."

A great deal of the film was shot in the rainforests of Puerto Rico, Nesci, being the head producer, had to effectively move the entire cast and crew across continents, while keeping everyone involved safe and the production on budget. He recalls, "I was smart, getting a very expert local “guide” to find the right locations and to decide when and where it was safe to shoot."

The upcoming film "Pepe the Movie" is currently in post-production, and international audiences can look forward to its release in 2016.